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Joelma is saved by SAMU, canceling the shows and making the fans desperate

Joelma is saved by SAMU, canceling the shows and making the fans desperate

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Joelma was never able to go on stage in Bragança, inside Pará

Joelma was ready to sing early Saturday (8) in Braganca, in the interior of Bara, in full costume and make-up. But she didn’t even leave the hotel and a team from SAMU had to rescue her on site, treating her and keeping her in absolute comfort for the next few days.

The group was already on stage, ready to start the show, when Natalia Saraf, the singer’s daughter, took the lead and showed a video clip on the screen, in which Joelma appeared to justify the fans about her state of health and need. To cancel the presentation.

“I came to perform, but unfortunately I have a bad flu and I can’t do this show. Everything was ready to perform, but it won’t work. But I’ll recover to come back,” the singer said, visibly shaken.

In order not to leave the audience completely in the lurch, Natalia, who is also a singer, performed some songs in an improvised manner, but they were well received by the audience who expected her mother’s full show.

“As you saw, my mom is not getting better. She has a lot of flu, and her lungs are really bad. Unfortunately, we’re going to be canceling this weekend’s shows so she can recover and take care of herself, okay” In Bragança, we don’t leave the fair in the lurch, he took the stage, I even joined to the tour. When God commands us to go and obey, and for my mother I am capable of anything,” the young woman justified her social networks.

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The official files of the Bragança City Hall published a video with a doctor of the University of Samoa explaining how Guelma was treated and the recommendations given to the artist.

“We’ve had her medical evaluation, she has breathing difficulties, is coughing a lot, and developed a fever early in the afternoon. We’re asking her to rest, take her medication. Unfortunately, she can’t do the show today,” said a doctor, identified only as Ruth.

It is important to remember that Joelma had already contracted Covid-19 five times, and to this day she still suffers from the repercussions of the disease, such as the constant swelling in her face. Since the beginning of the week, fans have expressed concern for his health, noting fatigue and a lack of disposition in recent presentations.