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Shadow and Bones |  Understand the world of the new Netflix fantasy series

Shadow and Bones | Understand the world of the new Netflix fantasy series

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Netflix is ​​betting on all the chips at the launch happening this week, which is also one of the most anticipated chips not only for April, but also for the year. We are talking about Shadow and Bones, Also known by the original name in English Shadow and BonesThe plot considered new Game of thrones Even before its debut.

The production is an adaptation of a series of books of the same name by Le Bardogo, which has been published since 2012. Story Shadow and Bones It takes place in the realm of Grisha, or Grishaverso, a world destroyed by war, with an emphasis on the character Alina Starkov, who has just discovered that she has an incredible power that can help free her country.

However, you must face some threats, like Shadowfold, and you’ll need to train an elite army of magic soldiers, known as Grisha. Along this path, as young people learn to control their powers, Alina ends up discovering that magic alone will not be enough to survive the threats and that not everything is as it seems.

Are you curious about the summary? So go ahead and find out more about Netflix’s most awaited releases!

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Upcoming Game of Thrones? like him?

Shadow and Bones It has actually been compared to Game of thrones Even before its launch, the comparison made a lot of sense. If you analyze the books already published, you will see that there is a very complex universe with some subdivisions, just like in the HBO series, with different sets of characters and different regions and scenarios. Additionally, both series talk about an imaginary world, but compare them to the real world, of possible things in our universe.

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While Westeros, from Game of thrones, This was an analogy with the United Kingdom and Bravos to Venice, for example, in Shadow and Bones The Ravka state is a nod to Russia in the early nineteenth century, and Ketterdam is like old Amsterdam. This entire fictional world, although extremely unrealistic, ends up being pleasant to assimilate and make comparisons with political realities and war.

Speaking of wars and politics, we’ll see different Grishaverso kingdoms and countries, each with their own laws. This when we see a conflict between each of these small universes for an even greater achievement, very reminiscent of the fight for the Iron Throne in the HBO series. Each character has its secrets, between heroes and anti-heroes, they all perform different moves that define their more complex characteristics.

Like a good fanciful production, Shadow and Bones It is based on the use of CGI to create visual effects that depict all the magic behind Grishaverse, since the use of powers ends up being one of the plot’s greatest attractions.

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What is Grishaverso?

Grishaverso is, basically, the term used to talk about all the stories in the books of Leigh Bardugo, which take place during the Russian Empire. There is a triple Shadow and Bones The main one, which consists of Shadow and BonesAnd the Sun and storm e Ruin and rise, Duology with books Six of the Crows: Blood and Lies, e The Twisted Kingdom: Revenge and Redemption, Then another duology with The king of scars e The rule of wolves.

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You must be wondering who Grisha is, right? No, Grisha is not the name of the protagonist, but the word used to refer to people who have the power of magic. However, the term “magic” was not used in the series, but “little science”. These forces can manipulate anything around you.

Among the Grishas there are hierarchies, such as Corporalki, who are considered the strongest in Ravka. They have the ability to control blood flow and heart rate, and they can use this to easily kill someone. There are also the Etherealki and Materialkios hierarchies, which contain several subsets that include magic such as healing power, manipulation of fire, water or wind, and also Grisha that can process solids, such as stones, and those that do chemical manipulation, causing explosions, among Many other powers.

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Main characters

Universe Shadow and Bones It will introduce us to the complexity of all the characters, but we will prepare you to get to know the main characters better, starting with Alina Starkov, of course. Played as Jesse Mei Lee, the orphan teen discovers she has a rare power that can change the world. The discovery takes place during a mission, changing the quiet life he lived in a small village.

We’ll also meet General Kerrigan, or The Darkling, a character from Ben Barnes who is the leader of one of the conspiracy armies. Mysterious and powerful, he is the only person inhabiting planet Earth capable of attracting darkness. His skills have made him a lonely person who cannot be trusted.

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Kaz Brekker (Freddy Carter) is a teenager known to perform any task, no matter how dangerous or violent he is, which is why he bears the nickname Dirtyhands, which in translation means “dirty hands.” We’ll also meet Eng Gafa (Amita Suman), or Wraith, who is Kaz’s right hand. Inej has the ability to enter any environment, climb any wall and enter any building, relying primarily on the cat’s skills and reactions.

Nina Zinik, the character of Daniel Galligan, is a striking person, who is extremely loyal to her country and puts the need of society above yours. Jessper Fahey, played by Kate Young, is not a reliable person for being arrogant and somewhat “ignorant”. He has powers, but he does not use them due to childhood trauma. The series also features Matthias Helvar, played by Callahan Skogman, an unfriendly soldier who suffers the consequences of living through the very difficult years of his life.

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Are you ready to check out this new story? Shadow and Bones Debut on Friday (23) in Netflix.

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