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Former É o Tchan brunette undergoes exam to prove she has a ‘natural ass’ after losing bodybuilding championship

Former É o Tchan brunette undergoes exam to prove she has a ‘natural ass’ after losing bodybuilding championship

Julianne Almeida, bodybuilder and former brunette of É o Tchan

Photo: @Instagram

After one loss Professional bodybuilding championshipJulian Almeida, 40, who was accused of buttock implants, underwent an examination to ensure that her buttocks were normal.

“I’m here for an MRI on my buttocks, just to get it straightened out because I don’t have anything in my buttocks, and what I have here is mine,” he said. Former brunette from É o TchanThis was in a post he published on his personal page Instagram Through the stories feature.

Julianne competed in the wellness category and stated that she felt unfairly treated by the judge’s decision. “I consulted a doctor to find out what test I could do, and he said that ultrasound can be seen, but an MRI is clearer and more accurate. I had an MRI in record time, and I already have the CD with the images,” he explained. “But no one He sees the CDs, so I want some report, something in writing to prove it.”

a Former brunette from É o Tchan He still regrets what happened, saying that he did his best in preparing for the tournament, and that he did not expect to exit the competition in this way. In the report, she detailed that days before she had already cut out carbs and was strategically dieting to maintain her muscle mass, which, according to her, explained the “plump butt” the judges saw.

“When you devote yourself completely, doing your best, and you still feel like it’s not enough, remember that the value of your effort does not necessarily lie in the results, but in the courage to try. The way to overcome is about learning from every attempt., about growing with every challenge “You face it, the criticism you receive often reflects other people’s limitations and expectations more than your ability to move forward, even when it seems difficult, and truly fulfill it over time, as a result of your commitment to perseverance,” he concluded.

Where are the former members of É O Tchan?Where are the former members of É O Tchan?

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