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"The unconscious aggressor" - Metro World News Brasil

“The unconscious aggressor” – Metro World News Brasil

After practicing “black face” during “Jogo de Panelas”, on TV Globo channel “Mais Você”, participant Anderrupson apologized Monday morning (23). He painted himself in dark colors to look black during an African dinner and was interrupted by Ana Maria Braga, who listened to an expert explain why one shouldn’t do the act.

The painting was shown last Friday (20) and the case quickly spread on social media. Many people criticized Androbson’s stance as racist, while others praised the presenter for exposing the case and providing an explanation of the show.

This Monday, Androvson was at “Mais Você” studios for coffee with Anna Maria and the other panelists took the opportunity to apologize.

“I wanted to ask permission to do a reading, and to apologize, I was embarrassed and sorry, but subconsciously,” began Androffson, who followed him: “Good morning, Brazil, I would like to apologize to all of you, I trained in the black-face without the slightest knowledge. I did not come to win On myself, I was an unconscious aggressor, but I was,” he added.

“I want to show solidarity with everyone who suffers from racism in the world. For racism, there must be no free will, one wants to be politically correct. It must be fought in an intolerant manner. Do not allow any racist practices in your home or anywhere else .don’t let racism in.”

Then Anna Maria Braga said that although she was wrong, the discussion on this topic was important. “I’m sure a lot of people will be aware of that. We have to respect how others feel about our actions,” she said.

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“There are a lot of people who still haven’t noticed. Including the placements by Felipe [outro participante] It was very enlightening that this representation was not welcome. You don’t need that to honor blacks. Many people on the other side would be really aware. When we saw you, you were beautiful, an actress, but anyway, we have to respect what other people feel, with regard to our actions. It was a very wonderful learning experience,” acknowledged the presenter.

‘black face’

Shortly after the painting featuring Anderupson painted in darker colors was shown on Friday, journalist and professor Rosanne Borges was heard explaining the practice.

Blackface appeared in the nineteenth century in the United States. Used by the slavery aristocracy who made this technique a form of stereotype. We should not do this under any circumstances, it is imperative that we advance as human beings. You have to say no to such a cruel and disrespectful approach,” he detailed.

On this occasion, Anna Maria also reprimanded the position of participant Androbson and highlighted that the alert goes out to the whole community. “This clarification is part of the core of our program and it’s good for everyone to learn. There are a lot of people who haven’t realized it yet, but it’s about time, isn’t it,” she said.

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