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The Rockstar founder is working on a new open-world action game

The Rockstar founder is working on a new open-world action game

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The Rockstar founder is working on a new open-world action game

Dan Hauser is one of the great names in history Rock Games And the privilege grand theft auto
, being one of the company’s founders and a producer of five of the series’ titles. After leaving the company, many have been wondering what his next move is, which has now been revealed on the website for his new studio, Absurd Ventures: an open-world action game.

Houser is credited as the screenwriter for almost the entire franchise JTA To this day, work on the series has begun from JTA: London 1969 until GTA 5

in addition to serving as a producer for many of Rockstar Games’ biggest titles, such as Bully
, Red dead redemption And its sequence.

In February 2020, Take-Two Interactive announced that Houser would be leaving Rockstar Games. A year later, he registered a new company that has only been confirmed as his new studio, Absurd Ventures, in June 2023, with a desire to create new worlds beyond video games, and work on creating books, comics, films, and animation. Now we know what he does with it.

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A competitor to GTA?

On its official website
the studio posted job openings for AAA game development, with the position of game designer the way of playing Describes contributing to the creation of characters, controls, and camera design in an open-world action adventure.

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Other job positions are art director, lead designer, senior art director, senior producer, senior art director, and art director. In addition to Houser, the studio includes other former Rockstar Games employees, such as Lazlow Jones, responsible for creating in-game audio and video content, and Michael Unsworth, screenwriter for Red dead redemption

Absurd Ventures already has two announced worlds for you to explore, and the first is being called A better paradise
an audio story set in the near future that shows the development of an ambitious but addictive game and the problems it brings to the world.

The second universe is called American caper
which appears to be about superheroes and should start with a comic book scheduled for release in 2024.

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