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Juliet Says Anita Is Not Her Manager And Why She Wasn't Signed With Globo |  People

Juliet Says Anita Is Not Her Manager And Why She Wasn’t Signed With Globo | People

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Juliet Freire

Juliette Freire, winner of the “Big Brother Brasil”, ran nearly an hour ago, this Saturday (15), gathering more than 700,000 people online in a social network. Among the cases dealt with by the attorney, the attorney said that Anita is not her manager, as has been speculated on the Internet, and details made clear to her fans what relationship she would maintain with the singer who is currently living in the United States.

“I am my manager and my friends support me in this. They have taught me my admiration for the career of Anita, the woman who has struggled to be respected. I have always admired her as a woman, I like to rock my ass, love her music. From now on, she will direct me to some questions about what I need. It’s in Overseas in the US, dating … but she is calm and focused on her international career, “he commented.

The entertainment newcomer is a little afraid of the out-of-reality repercussions of her name and her mother, Donna Fatima, receives some advice from Anita’s mother, Miriam Macedo.

Her family is from Paraíba, her mom teaches my mother about this world and she said “Look, it’s hard to be a famous mom, but just pray. When you talk about a contract, don’t call. They’ve been through a lot and know how to direct my family. I will listen to her advice. “I respect what I have achieved,” he said.

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In another stage of the live broadcast, which lasted exactly an hour, the attorney explained why she decided not to sign with TV Globo, just as Gilberto did. Juliet commented that she had great affection for the broadcaster who revealed her to the whole world, but she wanted to think about what would be best for her career.

“I haven’t closed any contracts yet, and I’m negotiating with any other medium of interest. I have great affection for Globo, who has tremendous power. I have to understand what is the best offer, and see what is perfect for you and me. I study and haven’t rejected anything. distance.

She also said she was watching some BBB videos, including a recent speech by Thiago Levert. The winner also revealed that program director Boninho cried a lot when he spoke to her as soon as the final match ended. At that time, the “Almighty” was already in the northeast taking care of the “infinite”.

“I washed my soul with a Thiago speech. I always watch BBB videos, but when there is something I don’t want to see, I go through it very quickly. When I hugged Thiago [logo depois da final]His heart was in his mouth. It was a very touching moment. When I spoke to Boninho on the phone, he was crying a lot, crying. Sometimes they look a bit tough, but they’re not. “


I haven’t bought anything with him yet, nor have I spent a single dollar. I won a lot, especially the clothes, but I still don’t like the money that I earned from the program. These days, I went for a snack at Mc Donalds and had no money. I had to borrow from my friend who was with me.

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Without kissing

I did not accept and accept suitors. I did not have time. Even flirting that did nothing, they can say “Hey, gone.”

Singer career

Singing is something that calms my heart a lot, makes me happy, light, it’s a language I believe in and love a lot. I study the possibility of singing and suggestions. I know everyone loves to see me sing, but I prepare, and if I feel capable of it, then I will confront him with all my strength.

The news that shocked the most

I was very afraid of the second wave of the epidemic. I have seen a lot of people leaving because of the virus. Then the best news was the vaccine. Here, I was struck by the greatness of everything that happened. I have a cold in my stomach, but I am happy.

Will someone see you?

I’ve already seen that I’m the one who decides my life and I’m not going to be affected now. Whatever needs a final decision, I will be contacted and listened to. I insist on giving my opinion because you liked me and my position. I am not afraid, although I am crazy, I am smart and I trust my intuition and my heart. She succeeded and trusted me.

The pressure to be a public person

I am afraid of everything. I am afraid of the power of my mind. I fear my opinion will hurt people. I realize the consequences are now too great. I will move on multiple times, anyone who has something to add, I’m totally open.