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Serginio Groysman x Marcos Munn: Globo denies tension due to Caetano and Bethania

Serginio Groysman x Marcos Munn: Globo denies tension due to Caetano and Bethania

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Globo denies this. Serginio Grossman too. But the truth is that speculation from various parties points to a general climate of unease between the Altas Hurace and Calderao de Meun teams.

The reason may be the fact that the second program uses a similar format to the first pocket show in its Saturday programmes. The tension may have arisen due to the presentation by María Bethania and Caetano Veloso, which will be broadcast on Saturday (06) on Calderao.

Grossman was reportedly surprised when his team approached Paola Lavigne, a businesswoman and Cayetano's wife, to make a presentation at Altas Horas. At that time, he discovered that not only had everything already been arranged with Calderao, but Bethania would also be participating.

But the battle did not begin there. In October last year, the people of Altas Horace were surprised by the tribute given in the Calderao to singers Fabio Junior and Dejavan, in the same format that usually takes place in the early hours of Saturday to Sunday on Serginho's programme.

Globo Certified

Serginio was upset, both with Marcus Millon and with the management of the house, which had given permission for another attraction to repeat the successful format of his production. But the presenter did not complain and avoided inciting the team. Attraction managers reacted.

The dispute caused both teams to keep the next attractions secret. The point is to book dates and lock in exclusivity as quickly as possible.

The relationship between Millon and Sergiño has never been the best, according to a person close to Calderao's presenter. He has already expressed his regret to his friends that he arrived at Globo in 2021 and was never called up to participate in the Altas Horas.

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Serginho told F5 that he did not want to talk about the matter and denied any inconvenience. Through his advisor, Meon requested the report for a position with Globo.

The radio said in a statement:

“There is no problem between productions, which are even part of the same genre. Programs have always been and will continue to have musical specials, just like all other attractions of this genre. Music is the DNA of all genres. Programs. Exhibition Hall.”

With information from F5