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Maya Massavera talks about the dysphoria crisis in Cannes

Maya Massavera talks about the dysphoria crisis in Cannes

The presenter asked fans to see her as an example. “Today I want to talk about my dysphoria and how I would like you to take this example and carry it into your lives!!! Everyone has good and bad things, I, for example, have a bad side from “losing” 40 years in a body that wasn’t my own For me, I have a “good side” of my transition away from everything and everyone.

Massaferra also confirmed that she is very satisfied with the result. “I’ve spent months in bed, with no strength and I don’t know what I would do if I couldn’t give her all this time. Anyway, one of the bad things that afflicts me is dysphoria. I remind you that I speak only for Maya, I do not speak for all people Transgender people, don’t generalize. First off, I want to explain my state of mind. I have never been so happy in my entire life!!!

She even underwent therapy sessions to understand some of the processes. “Talking with my doctors and psychiatrist, I understand that this ‘happiness’ of mine is the natural state for the majority of the population. Everyone who is born and recognizes the body they were born with has this condition. Maybe I will get used to it” for my gender and this my happiness will become normal, as it is for you!!! “

Maya said she had sad moments, like everyone else. “Having said that I am and still am a very happy person, in my happiness, I sometimes have happier moments and sometimes sad moments. Like everyone!!! Sometimes, suddenly, or for some reason, I suffer from a very severe speech defect. This started when I started the transformation phase “Doctors told me that it is normal for many trans girls to feel this in the first years of transitioning!!!”

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Vent: “I’m sharing it with you, because I don’t want to post just clothes and jewelry!!! I want and will be a real person and influence you in a positive way!!! I’m tired of this “fake” life everyone is living on Instagram when I told you if you take my example, you won’t bother a lot!!!”

Fear of judgment at Cannes: “My trip to Cannes was amazing!!! However, there was a day where I didn’t leave the room because of my dysphoria. There was a day where I put on makeup, took photos, and simply didn’t go to the red carpet because I was too afraid of the judgment.”