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A patient reveals the scenes of the Brazilian version of the program “Quilos Mortais” and recalls the difficulties: “I almost gave up”

A patient reveals the scenes of the Brazilian version of the program “Quilos Mortais” and recalls the difficulties: “I almost gave up”

In an interview with UOL’s Splash website, published today, Thursday (23), Thayan Goz, a participant in the program “Quilos Mortais Brasil”, revealed the scenes of the program, and recalled the difficulties she faced during the recordings. The Brazilian version premiered at the beginning of the month and is inspired by the popular North American program that shows obese people trying to lose weight.

Thayan, 27 years old, weighed 140 kilograms, but she decided to change her life in 2022, when she sought help from surgeon Marta Lima to start the process of losing weight and undergoing bariatric surgery. This is how the woman ended up participating in the reality show. The program is divided into six episodes, in which she and eight other patients appear accompanied by five doctors specializing in metabolic, bariatric and gastrointestinal surgery from the beginning of the operation until the months after surgery.

The young woman’s entire operation was closely monitored by cameras, captured in an episode now available on the streaming platform Max.At first, I didn’t want to do recordings. I almost gave up. But in a conversation with my brother he convinced me“, mentioned.

He said something that stuck with me a lot, and was my biggest motivation to leave my life exposed and open: encouraging other women to reclaim their physical and mental health.“, recalls Thayan. The young woman also described obesity surgery as a “very crazy experience.” “It’s not just about the body, it’s about everything. It’s mental and self-esteem too. If I can reach just one person through my episode, all that exposure will be worth it.“, he stated.

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Thayan is in Dr. Marta Lima’s office with her mother. (Photo: Disclosure/MAX)

Thayan also mentioned how difficult it was to show her home and family during filming. She revealed in the episode that almost all of her relatives faced difficulties related to their weight. “When we talk about ourselves it is easier, when it comes to other people it becomes more complicated“, It is to explain.

In her episode of the reality show, Thayan revealed that she uses food to fill the “emptiness” she feels. Now, after surgery, she says she uses other devices to distract herself, such as “reading, physical exercise, and crochet.” “I no longer have the courage to express my feelings to him, so today I am looking for hobbies and therapy, things that distract me from emptiness.“, She said.

But the journey to obesity medicine was not easy. She had several turbulent moments, and thought that Dr. Marta Lima would not agree to perform surgery on her. “I was almost dissatisfied, and considering many of the situations in the episode, I was actually disappointed. When I agreed, I was really happy“, he added.

After surgery, I already lost about 60 kg. “Today I am very well. I am at a great moment in my life, where I have regained not only mobility, but also my self-respect. I’m living a dream“, he declared. She added that she has plans and dreams that she seeks to achieve: “My life has changed and is better. I will continue like this“, he concludes. Watch the series trailer: