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Jundia welcomes experts from the United Kingdom to learn about SUS

Jundia welcomes experts from the United Kingdom to learn about SUS

This Thursday (23), Jundia received a visit from a team of health experts from the United Kingdom. Audience Modality Institute members are committed to the values ​​of the National Health Service (NHS) – the health system in England. The NHS provides primary care services to more than 7 million people in the country.

Hospital São Vicente de Paulo’s partner Qualisa Management Institute (IQG) mediated the meeting. Thus, the aim is to promote the exchange of experience between the two health systems and explore best practices for sustainable development in the region.

The British delegation included Chief Executive Officer Dr Vincent Tsai, Primary Care Medical Director Dr Meena Gupta, Executive Dr Ravi Sandhu and Danilo Moreira from the British Embassy. Recipients were officials from Jundia, including HSV Superintendent Mathias Gomes; The Medical Director of the Hospital, Dr. Frederico Michelino de Oliveira; Family Health Strategy Technology Center (NTESF) Executive Coordinator, Pamela Mango; Manager of Civil House (UGCC), Dr. Gustavo Maricel; and Health Promotion Manager (UGSP), Tiago Texera.

Experiences and solutions

According to Matheus Gomes, the partnership between HSV and IQG enabled ONA Level 2 certification – fully accredited in December 2023. Currently, the company is in the integrated qualification process for network certification with six Basic Health Units (UBS). Qualification will guarantee standardization of care and alignment of actions in services.

“Through this partnership with IQG, we learned about Modality, which sought to exchange experiences with a unit that provides good health care in Brazil. Jundia was chosen for its intensity and the quality of the work it does for the benefit of the population”, Gomes explained.

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Jundia is a reference model in primary care

IQG CEO, Mara Machado, highlights the opportunity to establish a partnership with the United Kingdom and discusses healthcare reform. According to him, Jundia was chosen because of his great maturity in the matter.

Health Promotion Manager, Diego Teixeira, considered the visit a unique opportunity to exchange experiences between SUS and the NHS. “Jundiai has taught us a lot about its primary care model and learned from the NHS to move forward in this area,” he said.

Also, Modality’s CEO Dr. Vincent Tsai expressed his satisfaction with the visit and the opportunity to work with SUS. “The idea is to encourage collaboration between the English public health system and the SUS. It was a pleasure to understand and be a part of the public policies being developed here in Jundia,” he said.

Civil House Manager, Dr. Gustavo Mariscel emphasized the importance of gatherings to demonstrate the qualities of public health in Jundia and to share experiences with visitors. “Jundiai had the opportunity to learn from NHS good practice and incorporate actions that benefit its citizens,” he said.