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Dahmer Creator says he searched for families and got no response

Dahmer Creator says he searched for families and got no response

Ryan Murphy, Creator and Director Dahmer: American Cannibals (Netflix), Contrasting reports from families of Jeffrey Dahmer victims. He claimed that the production of the series contacted the relatives of the dead, to no avail.

Murphy talked about it yesterday, during an event about gravity at A movie theater in Los Angeles, United States.

“It’s something we’ve been looking at for a long time. And over the course of those three years, three and a half years, while writing the program and working on it, we reached out to about 20 families and friends of the victims who were trying to get an opinion, trying to talk to the victims…people, and no one responded during those the operation “.

“So we relied a lot on our group of researchers who … I don’t even know how they found so many of these things. But it was our effort, day and night, to uncover the truth to these people,” he continued.

Paris Barclay, who directed the show’s sixth and tenth episodes, said the show’s goal was to make victims more than just a statistic.

“We weren’t interested in that. In Jeffrey Dahmerthe person, but what made him become a monster. […] It’s about egg privilege. It is systematic racism. he is homophobia‘, evaluated it.

We wanted to make sure that history does not erase these people and that they have a place where they are recognized, that they matter, that they live a full life. They came from different places, but they were real people. Paris Barclay

Murphy added that he would like to support the construction of a memorial to Dahmer’s victims.

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“Whatever we can do to make it happen… I will be happy to pay for this memorial. […] I think there must be something. We try to reach out to people to talk about this. And I think there is some resistance because they think the place can attract people interested in honoring the apocalypse…but I think something should be done,” he said.