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Scientists have discovered a natural compound that can be used as a male contraceptive

Scientists have discovered a natural compound that can be used as a male contraceptive

The study conducted in Australia used nettle extract to inhibit sperm motility in guinea pigs

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A study was published last Thursday (28/7) in the scientific journal PLUS ONE It brings a new substance that can be used as a male contraceptive. looking for Monash Universityin Melbourne, Australia, it was found that nettle leaf extract (dioecious nettleIt has the ability to block sperm motility.

In tests in mice, nettle was able to inhibit the purine P2X1 receptor, one of two proteins that stimulate sperm motility.

In mating studies on mice, nettle leaf extract reduced male fertility by 53% compared to placebo-treated male mice. Treated mice showed normal mating behavior. Bladder and testes weight was lower in extract-treated mice. All other organs and total body weight were not affected. ‘,” explains researcher Sabatino Ventura, one of the study’s authors, quoted by Australian Radio. 7 news.

Scientists at Monash University are working to develop hormone-free male contraceptives and have already demonstrated that male sterility can be genetically achievable without affecting long-term sperm quality or the patient’s sexual health.

As the announcer showed, the study proved that hormone-free oral contraceptives are viable, and now it is intended to isolate the biologically active component of nettle extract or create a similar compound.

Currently, condoms and vasectomy are still the only two forms of contraception available to men, placing the burden of contraception largely on women.

Unfortunately, there has been a widespread perception that birth control is a women’s problem and not a men’s problem. However, the research that led Male Contraception Initiative [ONG americana] Sabatino Ventura explains that most men are willing to control contraception — we just need to give them the opportunity to do so.

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