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The Higher School of Science opens the selection process on Monday (1) - News

The Higher School of Science opens the selection process on Monday (1) – News

The Ilum Escola Superior de Ciência opens next Monday (1), the registration period for the selection process for the Higher Course in Science and Technology. This will be the second degree of the bachelor’s degree, launched last year by CNPEM (National Center for Research in Energy and Materials). Classes for the first semester began last March.

For a period of three years, full-time, the course is free of charge, max. Inep (Instituto Anísio Teixeira National Institute of Educational Studies and Research).

selective process

40 places will be offered and half of them will be allocated to students who have attended high school in public schools. All accredited people will receive free accommodation, food, and transportation. The school also offers an English language course and a laptop to each student for personal use throughout their stay at Ilum, with all software needed for academic activities installed.

Candidates can apply free of charge and online, by accessing the form that will be available at Site From Illum to December 16th.

Candidates are not subject to entrance exams, but are evaluated based on a set of criteria: upon registration, the student must, in addition to informing his data, write an expression of interest, a text stating why he wants to study science and attend Ilum. The next step is to communicate the result obtained from the Enem (National Secondary School Examination). Candidates who studied in the public network ranked among the top ten in the Olympiads of Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry and Biology will receive a bonus of 300 points, just by providing evidence of medals at this stage.

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Of these three elements, 200 candidates will be pre-selected for the final stage of selection: the one-on-one interview. Interviews will be conducted remotely (online) and will assess the knowledge, skills, abilities and availability of the student to complete the full period of the course. Those with the best result, taking into account all the stages, will be approved. The list will be released at the end of February and classes are scheduled to begin in March.