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Samsung confirms the arrival of Galaxy AI for the S22, Tab S8, and more lines

Samsung confirms the arrival of Galaxy AI for the S22, Tab S8, and more lines

The Galaxy S22 line will receive Galaxy AI features coming soon. This information was revealed by Samsung itself, which confirmed the application of artificial intelligence features in mobile phones and also in other leading phones launched in 2022 in other categories, which include tablets from the Tab S8 line and foldable mobile phones. See all the models below:

As expected, these features will be available on devices through an update to the brand's custom interface. Therefore, models that receive One UI 6.1 will be able to benefit from a series of features based on artificial intelligence technology.

Overall, this update will bring functions like Generalization for Google Search, Call Interpretation, Transcription Assistant, Notes Assistant, and Search Assistant. Likewise, the devices mentioned above will implement features developed for photo editing.

In other words, users will be able to replace elements in their photos and receive editing suggestions for their photographs. In addition, Galaxy AI will also provide a background generation tool through commands issued by the user on the cell phone. The other good news is that it won't take long for devices to receive the new update.

According to Samsung itself, the One UI 6.1 interface with Galaxy AI will reach the devices mentioned in the report. Beginning of May. The confirmation made by the manufacturer confirms what was said by one of the company's community moderators, who spoke on the topic and even talked about the models that will also be launched in 2021.

However, these older devices will only receive two AI functions due to hardware limitations. Finally, check out the access of the magnetic bracket feature to the image editor developed by the brand.

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(Updated April 15, 2024 at 1:20 p.m.)