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Studios are already working on games optimized for the PS5 Pro

Studios are already working on games optimized for the PS5 Pro

Sony is encouraging developers to work on games optimized for the PS5 Pro, and new reports suggest that many studios already have development kits for the console and should improve existing titles using the latest gaming technologies.

Information he shared the edge It indicates that games compatible with the technologies will carry the “Optimized for PlayStation 5 Pro” stamp. This way, consumers will know whether the title in question will offer better performance and graphic quality.

PS5 Pro Enhanced game submissions remain open until August

Journalist Tom Warren also claims that Sony wants to receive orders by the end of August. This way, games that have been delivered and qualified will be available in enhanced versions when the console launches.

So far, features mentioned by internal sources include ray tracing, 576GB/s of memory, a new CPU frequency at 3.85GHz, and PlayStation Spectral Supersolution (PSSR), which offers some similarities to Nvidia's DLSS.

The model will include a more powerful GPU and a slightly faster CPU mode. All of Sony's changes point to a PS5 Pro capable of displaying games with ray tracing enabled or achieving higher resolutions and frame rates in certain titles.

Source: Sony

Sony has yet to announce the PS5 Pro. Therefore, it is still safe to treat this article as an article Common.

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