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Sanders will receive Brazilian representatives in the US to discuss the 8/1 attacks

Sanders will receive Brazilian representatives in the US to discuss the 8/1 attacks

In addition to Senator Humberto Costa (PT) and representatives Pastor Henrique Vieira (PSOL), Rogério Correia (PT), the group is headed by Senator Eliziane Gama (PSD), rapporteur of the CPI, investigating the case of coup attacks in Brasilia. , Jandra Feghali (PC to B) and Rafael Prieto (MTP/AL). Rogerio Sotelli, executive director of the Vladimir Herzog Institute, will also be part of the panel. The Washington Brazil office also supports this work.

Far-right attacks on elections around the world

The trip comes at a time of apparent consolidation of far-right movements around the world, anchored in billionaire Elon Musk's attack on “defending freedom of expression.”

Last week, in Budapest and in front of some of the most prominent names in the ultra-conservative movement around the world, Deputy Eduardo Bolsonaro defended the order protecting people detained over the January 8 attacks, and Mauro Cid. An aide to his father, Jair Bolsonaro, accused him of “torture” with Bolsonaro's allies and praised Elon Musk.

The speech, made at CPAC 9 (Conservative Political Action Conference), the world's main ultraconservative conference, was turned into a stage for exposure, which was framed to suggest that repression and “censorship” were taking place in Brazil and that democracy was at risk. Positions for Strategic Elections in 2024

The story-telling tactic repeats what Eduardo Bolsonaro and other parliamentarians did in the United States in March and in April in a practically empty chamber of the European Parliament. They even filed a complaint with the International Criminal Court, though no evidence was obtained by the Attorney General.

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