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Drivers urgently need to know about these new radars

Drivers urgently need to know about these new radars

Update alert about new speed cameras

This Sunday (28), you will find out all the details about the new radars that not even braking at the top will save you from getting that fine that hurts your pocket.

The truth is that if you are one of those drivers who usually brake in front of a speed camera, then you should know that in the new speed cameras, braking in front of a speed camera will do you no good. To understand better, it turns out that the new technology used in radars spread throughout Brazil makes the radars capable of measuring the speed of the car before and after the device.

In short, a speed radar is an electronic traffic monitoring tool. In this way, they are used to control the speed of vehicles, in order to reduce excessive speed on roads, streets and highways.

Therefore, according to information received from the Traffic and Mobility Portal, major cities are now applying Doppler technology in their radars, and in this way speed will be controlled before and after the installation of the radars.

Traffic radar – Image: Internet

However, there is no sense in braking at the top, because the radar will also show your speed.


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“The technology is mainly linked to the sensor that detects before and after within this coverage area,” said Herrick Dal Jobo, coordinator of the electronic devices monitoring unit of the Municipal Secretariat of Social Defense and Traffic in the city of Curitiba. Interview with the Traffic and Mobility Portal.

“However, the inspection is carried out at only one of these points, as was done in the past through physical contact. He pointed out that despite the inspection over a larger area of ​​coverage, the inspection is carried out at only one of these points.

If you often drive at high speeds, this information about advances in traffic technology is just right for you - Photo Reproduction Internet
Traffic radar – Image: Internet

What can result in a traffic fine?

Violations can be of four types: Moderate, mild, severe and very severedepending, above all, on the risks they pose to the offender and other people traveling on public roads.

The fine has a period of 30 days to reach the registered addresswhich will contain the payment deadlines and due date.

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