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Women suffer from lung damage after having eyebrow plastic surgery

Women suffer from lung damage after having eyebrow plastic surgery

Two women suffered lung injuries after undergoing cosmetic micropigmentation procedures on their eyebrows. The two cases are the first reports of systemic sarcoidosis due to the micropigmentation technique.

Sarcoidosis is an inflammatory disease that leads to the formation of small lesions in various organs or tissues. In cases of systemic sarcoidosis, the lung is usually the most affected, with hardening of its tissue that can make breathing difficult. This condition can be caused by a variety of factors, from contact with pesticides to mold and mildew.

The micropigmentation procedure is similar to the tattoo procedure, as it involves applying a special pigment to the deeper layers of the skin. For doctors, the cases of the patients, both 33 years old, reveal that the injected dye can ultimately trigger inflammatory responses that lead to disease.

Doctors are asking for more frequent monitoring

The patients' history was detailed In the Journal of Medical Case Reports On April 2, they had red-orange plaques in the area where the procedure was performed, indicating inflammation. In one case, the diagnosis was made six years after the procedure (living with the spots for 3 years), and in the other it took 12 months.

In both cases, patients were treated with corticosteroids. The first had to take medication for two years until her lung tissue recovered. The second improvement occurred after 40 weeks of using the medication.

It is already known that eyebrow micropigmentation procedures or even tattooing can lead to symptoms of sarcoidosis in the skin, but the potential for systemic damage from this procedure has not been documented.

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The doctors who treated the patients realize that the possibility of this type of injury is rare, but they ask the cosmeticians to inform their patients of the risks and advise them to have regular medical follow-ups with dermatologists.

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