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Apple approves Game Boy emulator for iPhone;  There's only one problem

Apple approves Game Boy emulator for iPhone; There's only one problem

Apple recently began making iGBA available in the iPhone App Store, the company's first approved Game Boy Advance emulator since it began allowing emulators around the world.

This application is the work of Italian developer Mattia La Spina. It turns out that another specialist in this field disputes this information.

In an email to the site the edgeRiley Testut, a computer science student at the University of Southern California, USA, who has been developing iOS apps for 13 years, claims that it is an unauthorized copy of GBA4iOS, the open source emulator he created more than a decade ago.

Testut said its app is being used GNU License GPLv2. according to Posted on Mastodon iGBA was made by Jesús A. Álvarez, an iOS developer from Sweden, and does not indicate a license, which may violate the programming terms.

No topicsTestot explained that he is not disappointed with La Spina's position, but with Apple.

To be clear, I'm not mad at the developer. I'm upset that Apple took the time to change the App Store rules to allow emulators and then approved a cheap knockoff of the AltStore app.

Riley Testot, a programmer who claims that Apple approved an app stolen by him.

AltStore is an alternative app store from Testut for iOS and iPadOS, which allows users to download apps that are not available in the App Store.

Screenshots of the iGBA application. Credit: Wes Davis/The Verge
Screenshots of GBA4iOS app. Credit: Riley Testot via The Verge

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EU forces Apple to allow alternative app stores on iPhone

Testut says it has been working with Apple to make AltStore available on the brand's mobile devices for more than a month, and is disappointed that a version of its store's main app was approved at that time.

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Since the creation of the App Store, Apple has tightly controlled the platform. However, with the recently approved European Union (EU) Digital Markets Act, the company is obligated to allow other app stores on iPhone.

When contacted for comment, La Spina did not explicitly confirm the use of Testut code, but told the edge I didn't think the app would have such an effect. “I'm so sorry. I already contacted Testut via email.