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Rio City Council pays tribute to the “Pimvindo” brothers at the Pinha Festival

Rio City Council pays tribute to the “Pimvindo” brothers at the Pinha Festival

Autograph Morning, film screening, capoeira circle and conversation circle are in the program of the 388th edition of the Festa da Peña festival, which returns to the outskirts of Rio de Janeiro, after the last event in 2020. On Sunday (8), from 8 o’clock the event begins with the production of The Professor and Capoeirista Rafael Teixeira, author of the book: MESTRE TOURO E MESTRE DENTINHO: os Irmãos Bemvindo da Penha, published on that date.

Rafael Teixeira holds a Master’s degree in Social Memory (UNIRIO). He graduated in Philosophy (UERJ) and Performing Arts (UNIRIO) and has worked for more than 30 years in the fields of culture, environment, art and education in popular areas of Rio de Janeiro. He currently teaches philosophy at the Special Directorate of Prisons and Social and Educational School Units (DIESP/SEEDUC-RJ).

In addition to the launch, paper and e-books will be available in schools and libraries in the region for readers interested in the biography of the Pimvindu brothers.

For Rafael Teixeira, the story of Masters Toro and Dentinho, who died in 2011 at the age of 60, represents a valuable contribution to the spread of Benha’s active capoeira around the world.

“To look at Penha today is to perceive it with respect and joy. Even without living in the neighbourhood, I met and lived for many years with the Pimvindo brothers who guided me through this cultural cradle where samba, capoeira, Portuguese and Afro-Brazilian religiosity meet at the Festa da Nossa Senhora da Penha. It was from It is a pleasure to direct the short documentary “Pimvindu” which turns 20 in October. It will be celebrated with a book about the masters,” comments Teixeira.

Mr. Dintinho: Born on 06/25/1952, Cachoeiro do Itapimerim, Espírito Santo, he was in contact with the capoeirista Fernandinho da Bahia and through him he learned about capoeira. From the formation of Bahian capoeira and elements of Rio de Janeiro capoeira, Mestre Dentinho developed his own style of playing capoeira, which some of his students called “Angola da Penha”.

Oi group: One of the oldest groups in Rio de Janeiro, the Auê Group was founded by Mestre Dintinho and is today led by his son, Mestre Alcino Pimvindo.

Master Taurus: Antonio Oliveira Pimvindo was born on 03/11/1950 in Cachoeiro do Itapimerim, Espírito Santo. He began his acquaintance with Capoeira with Mestre Celso Pepe, a student of Mestre Leopoldina. On April 23, 1964, he founded the Corda Pampa Group.

tightrope: The group led by Mr. Toru has trained many masters now spread throughout the world. They include Mestre Brito Filho, Dennis Newsom – founder of the capoeira group “Os Malandros do Mestre Touro”, based in Dallas, USA – and Mestre Jinho, who founded the group “Oxés de Ouro”, in Valencia, Spain. Thus, Mr. Toro’s capoeira continued across continents.

The legacy of Mr

In addition to the Corda Pampa group, Mestre Toro also founded Espaço Culture Manduca da Praia, a welcoming place for capoeira circles, where they can be held. Also other Afro-Brazilian manifestations, such as samba circles, Afro-Brazilian cuisine, and religiosity. Which contributes to revitalizing the region and reviving the traditions of ancient Banha festivals.

The great symbol of the Manduca da Praia cultural space is the statue of the Men of Vibra which pays tribute to the Pimvindo brothers: Mestre Toro and Mestre Dintinho (in memory of), both from Espiritu Santo, but who made it their home where they started practicing. Capoeira. The statue symbolizes the Declaration of Largo da Penha Capoeira Roda, represented by Mestre Toro Pimvendo, which is considered an intangible heritage of the Carioca culture. It was approved in the Rio de Janeiro City Council, by then Councilor Leonel Brizola Neto, through Bill No. 1,490/2019.

Another law, No. 5051/2021, drafted by State Representative Renata Sousa, also declared the Roda da Penha and the Manduca da Praia Cultural Space as intangible historical and cultural heritage of the State of Rio de Janeiro.

Programming to accompany the morning signing

• 8/9 AM – Breakfast with the movie “Hello”.

• 9am/10am – Conversation tour with participants: Arthur Lucena (Vallores da Penha), Jorge Pimphindo, Mestre Alcino (son of Mestre Dentinho), Ramildo Belizario da Silva (President of the Associazione de Moradores das 4 Pecas and Faverge). Rafael Teixeira (author) Mestre Toro, Professor. Dr. Gabriel Syed, Professor. Dr. Sergio Luiz and Padre Sardinha (chapter on Festa da Penha)

• 10am/11am – Autograph table

• 11am/12pm – Capoeira Circle

• 12 noon – meeting

• 1 pm – closing

The project was encouraged by the Carioca Program for the Promotion of Culture – FOCA of the City of Rio de Janeiro (PCRJ) and the Municipal Ministry of Culture (SMC).


His signature in the morning at the Banha Festival

Book: “Mestre Toro and Mestre Dintinho: The Brothers Bemvindo da Penha”, by Rafael Teixeira

With capoeira circle, conversation circle and screening of the documentary “Hello” (Rafael Teixeira)

Today: 10/8, Sunday, from 8am, free event

Location: Nossa Senhora da Penha Church (Room 13)

Address: Largo da Penha, 19 years old – Penha, Rio de Janeiro

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