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"return it";  Directors oppose hiring at Fla and Renato Gaúcho . is warned

“return it”; Directors oppose hiring at Fla and Renato Gaúcho . is warned

or weather no eagle’s nest He is another after the resignation Rogerio Cini and arrival Renato Gaucho. The captain held a press conference last Monday (12) and is already working with his assistants with the goal of facing Devenza e Justicia, on Wednesday (14), for the first match of the Round of 16 of the Copa Libertadores da America.

Recruitment has become a priority in Mengão from now on and Renato is also directly involved in this matter. The Flemish Board of Directors is currently negotiating with two names: Thiago Mendes e Kennedy. Loan proposals have already been submitted, as reported by Globoesporte.com.

On the other hand, flamingo’repeatin conversations with Renato Augusto. According to the journalist Giuliano Cosenza, the athlete is very close to Corinthians after Mingao Retreat. The medalist would like to return to the Rio de Janeiro club to continue the story that began in 2006 as a professional, but after the new status of CRF, the player is looking for a deal with Timão.

What’s curious is that there have been two encounters between Prause and the quarterback, sparking the nation’s excitement on social media. The big problem is that the athlete is not unanimous internally and many leaders, who has a voice in the football department, does not want to sign the midfielder because they understand that he is already at a certain age (33 years old) and will return after a long period in Chinese football, where he does not compete.

In the evaluation behind the scenes, Renato Augusto will take some time get engaged And Flamengo needs an “already ready” boost to help the team. These things weighed heavily and representatives of the athletes were already lining up negotiations with Corinthians. Renato Gaucho has already been warned about the current situation and is ready to help Mengão with other possibilities.

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