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European Cup champion with Italy, Jorginho playing with a penalty lost in the final: "everything combined" Good friends!

European Cup champion with Italy, Jorginho playing with a penalty lost in the final: “everything combined” Good friends!

Midfielder Jorginho, one of the highlights of the Italian champions at Euro 2020, was one of the main guests of Galvão Bueno at “Bim, Amigos” on Monday. And in a very humorous and full interview, the 29-year-old athlete, born in Imbituba, Santa Catarina, joked about the fact that he missed the penultimate penalty in the dispute that consecrated the two-time Italian champion in continental competitions.

After a 1-1 draw with England in normal and overtime, Jorginho, who put Italy in the final after beating Spain’s last penalty kick in the semi-final, became in charge of the “match ball” once again. It was his fifth Italian kick, but the Brazilian stopped at Pickford and the crossbar. But in the aftermath, goalkeeper Donnarumma defended Saka’s attack and secured the Azura squad.

Jorginho rested with the help of the European Nations Cup ace, playing by mistake in front of the English goalkeeper.

– Everything was arranged. I knew Donnarumma would understand (laughs). You feel bad because you want to help your team in the best way. I always give everything I have for the team, but unfortunately it is not enough. I ended up missing the penalty, and in that moment I was even saddened that I didn’t get the win that was so expected. Fortunately, we have this phenomenon in target that has successfully saved me.

Jorginho plays with a missed penalty kick: ‘It’s all set’

He also laughed, recalling the fact that Pickford was waiting to be charged rather than leaving before trying to defend himself:

– You broke me. I didn’t hit her well, and he did. Hit the crossbar and the man’s back, our lady (laughs)! I’ll dream about two more weeks of this punishment.

Jorginho speaks of the passion of the Italian people

In Italy since he was 15, when he left Imbituba, Jorginho said he lived a special Monday in Rome, where fans celebrated the Azzurri double at the Euro, a feat he hadn’t seen since 1968. The fact that the country has suffered so much from being a central figure in the pandemic The coronavirus has made the celebration even more exciting.

– It was amazing. I think the national team got to the bottom in 2018 by not qualifying for the Russian Cup. When this new venture started with a new coach and all the renovations, not many people believed it. They were young players and different situations. We came together, believing in the project and believing in each other. When everyone looks in the same direction, the score ends. Then the country exploded.

– Today there was a celebration here in Rome, and it was something unforgettable. The country stopped. To see this country happy again, rooted with Italian football, which recently has not been so happy with the national team because of past results… Seeing the people above all of us, cheering and cheering with us, is really very exciting. I say from my heart that I love this country. This country has adopted me and I am this country at heart.

Choose Italy over Brazil in 2017

Jorginho had to choose to defend the Italian national team professionally on the eve of the 2018 World Cup, during the qualifiers, in 2017. He remembers that at that time, the technical coordinator of the then-Brazilian team, Edo Gaspar, sought him, and that such a call shook him. But given all he’s been through in Italy and Azzurra’s need to rely on committed players at a difficult time, he didn’t think twice about choosing the European country.

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– I even played in U21 for Italy. As soon as I got the call, I accepted it right away. I frankly saw the Brazilian national team as something out of reach. And the fact that I grew up in Italy and opened the doors for me to Italy, I honestly didn’t think twice. But at that time, after the Under-21 Championship, I only played in a friendly (for the Italian first team). Then when I arrived in 2018, on the last call to the match with Sweden, the call came, and Brazil asked me out too. This moment was very complicated.

– At that distance, I can’t say I’ve never dreamed of playing Hopscotch. It was also my childhood dream. When this call came from Edu Gaspar, he said, “Jorge, we’re considering calling you, but I can’t guarantee anything. I know it’s tough, talk to your family.”

– I really talked to my family and I didn’t feel really good after what I went through when I came to Italy, I played with the U-21 team and the main friendlies… at a time when the Italian national team was there, a very difficult draw for that final match with Sweden. I felt that Italy needed help. And when I needed help, Italy helped me, hugged me, and opened the doors for me. I didn’t feel comfortable turning my back on Italy at that moment. “No, Italy needs you,” said my heart. So I made that choice and honestly I’m very happy with it.

Do you dream of the golden ball?

– We live for dreams. But I’ll be completely honest: it depends on how you do it. If we talk about skill, I realize that I am not the best in the world. Is it the norm as a player or who has won the most titles? Because no one has won more than me as a player this year. How will I compare myself to Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo or Neymar? Honestly, they are completely different characteristics, but it depends on the criteria.

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The change of style in the Italian game and the emotion of the group in the national anthem

The issue of changing the style of play is a big credit to Mancini. He was very smart at recognizing the characteristics of the players and adapting the game to the characteristics of the athletes. I think this one has a lot on his hand. We felt very much about the national anthem. It is a very private group. The strength of this group had no single player. It’s a humble group that has worked a lot. One always rooted for the other. The two strikers are best friends in the national team. We knew this competition was very important to the team’s resume. We gathered, and the country was suffering from this epidemic. There is no way to explain this energy.

How do you see the Brazilian national team?

Looking at the players they have, the Brazilian national team will always be one of the best in the world. If you see the numbers, they are clear. Conceded a few goals, dominates the matches. Unfortunately, he did not win the Copa America. There is only a short time left for the Brazilian national team to shine in this way again. It’s normal, we feel it. Support is very important. The team has everything to shine again, to win titles, I hope it won’t be against us (laughs), but that’s it.