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Pirrani says he was honored with Santos' No. 10 jersey and thanks Sanchez for the advice

Pirrani says he was honored with Santos’ No. 10 jersey and thanks Sanchez for the advice

Gabriel Berani surprised with a 10 shirt from Santos in South America. When Conmebol required the numbering from 1 to 50 in his competitions, Peixe needed to give it to 10, before Yeverson Soteldo, and chose Menino da Vila.

Aware of the responsibility, Birani says he is overseeing the opportunity.

“It is without a doubt a very big responsibility. I was very happy and proud. I was surprised by this change, but it shows that my work is being done well. I hope to respect this shirt a lot, even if it is only in Sudamericana. I am ready for this responsibility and I hope to live up to this shirt.” Which is very sacred in Santos and in world football,” the 19-year-old midfielder said.

Gabriel Pirrani also commented on the advice of Carlos Sanchez, a 36-year-old experienced player.

“Sanchez is an exciting guy. We talk and play a lot also on a daily basis. In fact, in the match against Palmeiras he came in the first half and it was the first time we were able to play together for several minutes on the field, so I was very happy. He helps me not only In training but also during matches, he always gives good advice about the position. I try to absorb everything he says, after all, he’s a World Cup player, and if you take a little of what he says, I know I’ll be a lot bigger,” he commented.

In his first season as a professional, Pirrani has already added 21 consecutive games as a rookie at Santos. It should continue like this against Independiente (Argentina) on Thursday, at Villa Belmiro, for the first round of 16 of the Sudamericana.

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“The rivalry between Brazil and Argentina is very big, and it will not be different in this match. We had more time for training this week as we played on Saturday and the match on Thursday. Because it is an indoor game, our duty is to come out with a victory to open an advantage in the confrontation and we will fight for that with all Our strength,” concluded Birani.

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