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Resources for the science and technology analyst

Resources for the science and technology analyst

Objective tests for the competition competition CAPES took place last Sunday (03/17) and here you can check resource suggestions for the positionNalist in science and technology.

The resources were created by teachers and professionals at Estilo Concursos based on In this notebook.

Remember that the appeal is individual and copying may result in cancellation of your file. Check out the suggestions in the text below!

CAPES Quiz: Resources for the Portuguese Language

Question 4

The bank's initial answer: True

Intended answer: False


It is understood from the text that one of the challenges posed by the “society of ignorance” is linking who ignores what, meaning that everyone ignores something, but the ignored knowledge must be linked to the specific person who ignores it. .

In the paraphrase in Question 4, there is a constraint that the original text does not provide: when we say that the study of social history will involve discovering people who ignore something, the restricted subordinate clause “who ignore something” implies that there are at least two groups of people in The world – those who ignore it and those who don't. Therefore, what can be understood from this restriction is that the task is to identify only those that are ignored.

This restriction contradicts the ideas presented by the author in the text, as it is stated that there is so much accumulated knowledge that there will always be those who ignore some type of knowledge; There is no group of people who do not ignore anything. Therefore, the statement is incorrect.

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Accordingly, the template is requested to be changed.

CAPES Competition: Resources for Public Policy

32. Within the concept of public policy, the term politics refers to the human activity associated with obtaining and maintaining the resources necessary to exercise power over human beings.

The bank's initial answer: True

Intended answer: False


This definition provides an interpretation of the term “politics” that is more consistent with the general concept of politics as an activity related to power and governance, but it does not include the concept of “public policy” as it is usually understood in the field of policy study. .

Within the concept of public policy, the word “policy” refers more specifically to the set of actions, decisions and programs undertaken by government agencies (sometimes in partnership with the private sector and civil society) with the aim of meeting needs and solving problems. Community problems. Thus, while the definition presented captures important aspects of the exercise of power and politics in the broadest sense, the concept of public policy focuses more on the formulation, implementation and evaluation of governmental strategies aimed at achieving specific social goals.

To understand the concept of public policy, we have to understand both meanings of the word “politics”. In English-speaking countries, these two concepts are differentiated using the words politics and politics.

However, in our language we use the word politics for both concepts. The first concept of politics in our language (politics) refers to the ability to influence others, or the political conflict itself. This is the most common concept of this term in our country.

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In this way, when we refer to electoral disputes or debates between senators, for example, we use this concept of the term politics.

The other concept of policy – which could be policy in English – refers to concrete decisions and actions around a specific problem. Therefore, when we say: “The government's housing policy improves people's lives,” we are using this other meaning of the term policy.

Therefore, the definition of public policy includes not only obtaining and maintaining resources to exercise power, but essentially applying this power to create and implement measures aimed at the collective well-being and the solution of public problems.

Accordingly, the template is requested to be changed.

33. The stage known as problem identification is characterized by a group of related problems or topics that are part of the current political agenda and deserve to be the focus of government action.

The bank's initial answer: False

Required template: True


This statement is true regarding the problem definition phase of the public policy cycle. This stage is mainly about identifying and clearly defining problems or issues that require government intervention.

The process involves understanding that some situations deviate from what is considered acceptable or desirable by society or parts of it, and thus become worthy of attention and action by government.

Accordingly, the template is requested to be changed.

CAPES Competition: Resources for Management

Clause 96

I am requesting that the element template be changed to false.

The wording given to this item, especially in the section “Through a panoramic view of where variations occur” contradicts one of the principles of control: the focus on exception, as taught by Maximiano (2004), which emphasizes the importance of having a control system capable of quickly identifying deviations, as well as Provide clear guidance for the effective correction of these deviations. It is clear that the panoramic view as stated in the clause does not correspond to the specificity of the corrective action of the control activity. The specificity of control and the emphasis on exception, as discussed by Maximiano (2004), highlight the need for a control system that not only detects deviations, but also precisely indicates where they occur and how they can be corrected.

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For the clause to be considered valid, it would be necessary to replace the term “panoramic” with the word “specific”, in keeping with the above principles.

Given the argument, a change to the statement template is requested.


Maximiano, ACA (2004). Introduction to Management (6th ed.). São Paulo: Atlas.

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