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Rafael praises Ronaldo and talks about Cruzeiro: ``I feel like I am in Europe'

Rafael praises Ronaldo and talks about Cruzeiro: “I feel like I am in Europe’

Photo: Reproduo SporTV

Rafael Cabral praised the Cruzeiro project and praised Ronaldo

Rafael Cabral is back in Brazilian football this season, after nine years in Europe, and he didn’t praise Cruzeiro’s gesture. For the goalkeeper, the organization of the heavenly team and European clubs is similar. The athlete also paid tribute to Ronaldo, the senior partner of SAF da Raposa, in an interview with Sport TVIn a program “Okay, friends!”this Monday (23).

Archer, which recently broke records for the predecessor of Fbio, Comment on Cruzeiro’s current gesture. With experience in Italy, Naples and Sampdoria, and in England, where he played for Reading, Rafael Cabral compared Cruzeiro’s organization to European teams.

“I’ll be honest: I’m back in Brazil and I feel like I’m in Europe, in terms of organisation. Cayo (Ribeiro) played there, you know what you’re going to have your money for, you’re going to have a boss. “Decisions are not made through policies. Decisions are deliberate, there is a group, there is a staff doing work. Cruzeiro is full of great professionals,” said the goalkeeper.

To highlight the efforts of some of these professionals, Rafael Cabral highlighted the work of employees at certain times. The example given by the goalkeeper was in the preparations before the penalty shootout. Against Remo, in the third stage of the Brazilian Cup, the archer made four saves and was the champion of the Raposa rating.

Rafael Cabral praised: “For example, we saw the penalties that you caught there, but there is an employee who shoots the video, and sends the video to us. So, the club is really organized.”

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Ronaldo’s presence

Rafael Cabral also completed his commentary on Cruzeiro’s management and spoke about SAF’s senior partner. The goalkeeper praised Ronaldo and revealed the impact of the former striker’s presence in the dressing room.

“For Ronaldo, he’s a real phenomenon. Not only as a player, as a person, he’s an incredible guy. He comes a lot, a lot, at least twice a month he appears in matches. He goes into the dressing room and everyone takes silly selfies,” Rafael noted with a smile.