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Profiles in the US are spreading the secret code for January 8th

Profiles in the US spread the secret code for January 8 (Photo: Marcelo Camargo, Agencia Brasil)

Profiles in the US spread the secret code for January 8 (Photo: Marcelo Camargo, Agencia Brasil)

Researchers at the Project for Sustainable Democracy and the Big Data Analytics Lab at the University of South Florida in the US mapped more than 37,000 tweets posted in the US and Brazil about the January 8 attack – and found that accounts The USA actively participated in the call for an invasion of the headquarters of the three powers in Brasilia.

Coordinator of Program for Sustainable Democracy Dr. Joshua Scacco, Dr. The research, conducted by Lonnie Hagen and University of South Florida student Matthew Schultz, used the hashtags #selma, #BrazilianSpring and “Festa da Selma.” Filters. ” – the code used for the call, which the newspaper O Globo recently classified as a “confusion tactic”.

The analysis took into account which Twitter users were most engaged, the level of spread of messages and where they were located. The researchers used an artificial intelligence technology called Botomer to detect the use of bots and evaluate only real users.

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The research indicated that the account that had the most impact on other users of the social network – and the most relevant – was a profile located in Orlando, Florida. The user, who bills himself as a “left-wing anti-Bolsonaro voter,” has fewer than six thousand followers — but has served as a code breaker.

Of the 10 profiles most influential in “spreading” the news on Twitter, three are located in the United States – in Orlando, New Jersey and California. The rest are Brazilians.

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In the second phase of the research, the Page Rank tool was used, which evaluates the most “retweeted” users, which served as a bridge for information dissemination. In this case, of the 10 most influential profiles, at least four were outside Brazil – in Russia, the United Kingdom and the United States, in Miami and Florida. Three other users could not verify their location with the tool.

The analysis also shows the growing presence of the three researched hashtags in the US and Brazil in the days leading up to January 8. During this period, former President Jair Bolsonaro (PL) stayed in an apartment in Orlando.

“The location of the accounts indicates that the people who wrote the messages are connected to places in the United States. Miami, Orlando, Washington, New York, Boston and Los Angeles are among the cities with the most active accounts” – the researchers point out.

These accounts are linked to others across Brazil, according to the mapping – including Santa Catarina.

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