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England and Wales ban American Bully dogs

England and Wales ban American Bully dogs

A England And this Wales Starting this Thursday, the 1st, the ban on unregistered dogs of the breed will begin American Bully XL As part of government efforts to reduce the number of violent attacks. The ban had already been announced by the Prime Minister UK, Rishi SunakIn September this year, days after a man was killed by the breed's dog.

“Clearly this is not a few poorly trained dogs, this is a pattern of behavior and cannot continue,” Prime Minister X wrote earlier on Twitter.

American bull (Ali Çobanoğlu/Getty Images)

To date, around 30,000 bullies have been registered so that their owners receive an exemption certificate to house the animals. However, the document requires pets to be muzzled in public and neutered to prevent breeding. In the long term, the government's plan envisages the race disappearing from the English and Welsh borders.

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+ The United Kingdom will ban American Bully dogs by the end of the year

Increase in attacks

In an interview with Reuters news agency, the writer Sonia Falero, 46, recalls a traumatic episode. Three 'XL bullies' killed her Jack Russell dog Joey and injured her husband as he tried to separate the animals. In desperation, the daughter, whose name and age are unknown, saw her pet dead and biting against her father.

“While he was fighting this dog and trying to free Zoey from the dog's jaws, the other two dogs entered the fray and tried to hold Zoey like a doll, and they were going to tear her apart.”

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A survey by campaign group Bully Watch, which advocates a ban on the sale and breeding of American bullies, estimates that they are responsible for more than half of all fatal dog attacks in Britain in 2022. Last year, an 11-year-old girl was also bitten while shopping with her sister in Birmingham, England.

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Tailored reviews

Last year, various British animal welfare organizations criticized the Prime Minister's statement and said banning certain breeds of dogs was not the solution. In a joint statement, they pointed out that the measures should be aimed at “encouraging dog control regulations and responsible dog ownership and training”, not banning them.

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Britain's biggest animal welfare charity, the RSPCA, has agreed that rules are needed to protect the public. At the same time, he opposed tougher legislation, saying that “race is not a good or reliable indicator of risk for aggressive behavior.”