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Tourist countries organize themselves while waiting for the European health passport - news

USA to deliver 500,000 dose pfizer to Uruguay this Friday – News

WASHINGTON, July 8 (EFE) .- White House sources told Efe this Thursday that the U.S. government will provide a 500,000-dose vaccine made by pharmaceutical company Pfizer tomorrow against Govt-19, which has pledged to donate to Uruguay.

Half a million dollars already announced by Joe Biden’s government to donate to the South American country will leave the United States today.

The vaccine coming to Uruguay is part of the $ 80 million that Biden has pledged to donate to other countries around the world to fight the epidemic, part through the Kovacs organization and the other through direct distribution.

The ship for Uruguay is compatible with Bolivia, Paraguay and Guatemala, receiving 1 million single-dose vaccines from Johnson & Johnson, 1 million doses from Pfizer, and 1.5 million doses from Moderna, respectively.

In recent days, Washington has given 3 million doses to Brazil, 2.5 million to Colombia, 2 million to Ecuador and Peru and 1.5 million to Honduras.

Jennifer Savage, business manager at the U.S. embassy in Montevideo, who announced the donation to Uruguay at the end of June, said the vaccines would “help the country achieve a post-epidemic sense of normalcy and recover benefits from active tourists in the coming weeks.” Season in the coming months “.

The United States, which amassed the vast majority of the available vaccines in the world earlier this year, has more than they need, and Russia and China are facing this maneuver of so-called vaccination diplomacy.

Uruguay is one of the countries with the highest percentage of vaccinated population.

At least 65.8% (2.3 million people) received a dose, of which 53.1% (1.8 million) had already completed the vaccination schedule.

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