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Professionals benefiting from the vehicular exemption celebrate the positive change in routine

Professionals benefiting from the vehicular exemption celebrate the positive change in routine

Coren-SP, in collaboration with the City Council and City Council of São Paulo, formulated the vehicular circulation exemption in the capital and won in 2021 this benefit, which was an old claim for this class. In 2022, the 2021-2023 administration was again able to extend the deadline, through Decree 61.016/2022, signed by Mayor Ricardo Nunes, with the support of Chancellor Dr. Milton Ferreira.

Advisers of the 2021-2023 administration accompany the signing of the ordinance by Mayor Ricardo Nunes

The initiative has made a significant difference to the lives and daily lives of more than 50,000 nursing staff, affecting the mental and physical health, interpersonal relationships and well-being of nurses, technicians and assistants. “We, Coren-SP Consultants, have taken over management with a commitment to improving the working and living conditions of nursing in São Paulo. We are front-line professionals and know how rotation has been a hindrance in the daily life of our class. That is why we are fighting to win this advantage,” says Chief Coren-SP, James Francisco dos Santos.

Advisers began negotiations in 2021 with Councilor Milton Ferreira

Nurse Fernanda Formaggio, from Hospital das Clínicas, describes the challenges she faces when arriving at work on shift days and tells us how the new procedure has helped her daily routine. According to the specialist, the restrictions on using the car were a source of stress, due to the constant reallocation to daily activities. “The impact of the shift on my routine was massive. To get to the hospital on time, I left home three hours before my shift started. But after the waiver wins, I am able to leave an hour early.”

As for Marcia Viana, Nurse at the Dante Pazani Institute of Cardiology, this benefit enabled her to strengthen family ties and participate in activities to obtain additional income, which enabled her to promote a better lifestyle for her family. Marcia also talks about her experiences with the shift, spending long nights sleeping in the hospital car park for the shift to start in time, and the difficulties of finding opportunities, due to the long commute.

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During the nearly two years of this measure being in effect, CET has received the registration of 52,833 vehicles belonging to nursing professionals.

President James Francisco dos Santos and Vice President Erica Chagas in negotiations in 2021 with Mayor Ricardo Nunes

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