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How to get smarter in 3 steps, according to science

How to get smarter in 3 steps, according to science

We are naturally intelligent beings. On the other hand, it is possible Brain stimulation To expand the knowledge gained throughout life. And I’m not one to say that, huh!

Science through comparative studies has already provided some preliminary data on what simple habits really help brain functioning. And in our article we will talk about it further.

Share the content with friends and family so that they also know what practices can develop human intelligence. Some of them are even surprising.

How to become smarter according to science

1. Practice mindfulness

According to the Psychology Today website, researchers have found that mindfulness allows people to make decisions in a more assertive and rational manner. This is when looking at the information currently available, which led to more satisfactory and positive results in the not too distant future.

a Mindfulnesswhich is also called MindfulnessIt corresponds to the practice of focusing your focus on the present only. This can be done through meditation, assuming that the past and the future are not as important as an advanced awareness of what we experience in the ‘now’.

2. A very good little nap

Yes, a midday nap can sharpen the mind and set the stage for new ideas. The latest study on this subject was prepared by researcher Delphine Odette of the Brain Institute in Paris.

a seek It consists of examining the relationship between napping and creativity. In general, Odette presented a mathematical puzzle to the study participants. If they can’t solve the problem, people can simply lean back in their chairs to rest for a while.

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Individuals who entered stage 1 sleep were three times more likely to solve a thinking problem than those who did not nap during the tests. In this way, it is possible to link creativity to short naps to replenish previously spent energy.

3. Learn to play a musical instrument

according to Scientific article Posted in Journal of NeuroscienceLearning to play a musical instrument improves the functioning of the nervous system. Focused attention on audio cues promotes improvement of cognitive skills, in addition to language itself.

Playing a musical instrument, such as the guitar or the piano, involves almost all parts of our brain, exercising the organ and its specific functions.