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Prince Charles replaces Queen Elizabeth II - 05/10/2022 - World

Prince Charles replaces Queen Elizabeth II – 05/10/2022 – World

The Queen Elizabeth 2, 96, was replaced on Tuesday (10) by Prince Charles in the traditional “throne speech” in the British Parliament. exchange, It was announced by Buckingham Palace the day beforemarks the gradual transition from the reign of a king determined not to abdicate in favor of an heir.

Elizabeth usually opens the parliamentary session by reading the legislative program prepared by the government for the next 12 months. During her seven decades of rule, she missed the event on only two occasions: in 1959 and 1963, when she was pregnant with the Princes. Andrew and Edward respectively.

The Royal House explained that due to “occasional mobility issues” and after consulting with her doctors, the Queen “reluctantly” decided not to attend the event for the first time in 59 years.

Charles, 73, who is increasingly standing with his mother on official occasions, arrived not in a carriage but in an official Rolls-Royce with a transparent top, accompanied by his wife Camilla.

Nor did he put on the traditional and fine robe of an ermine, and opt for a military uniform of several ornaments, nor the heavy crown adorned with precious stones, which remained on a pillow before the empty space left by the throne of the absent ruler.

The Prince of Wales sat next to her, on a smaller throne which he had occupied on other occasions with his mother. Accompanied by Camilla and her eldest son – William, 39, second in line to the succession – he read the letter in the same monotonous, grave voice the Queen had uttered before the House of Representatives meeting of the House of Representatives. The official and neutral tone is also a tradition to avoid any display of feeling of approval or disapproval of the policies of the House of Representatives.

The speech lasted less than nine minutes. Charles detailed the legislative agenda set by Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s government, which seeks to restore British support for the next two years, until the legislative elections, when it will seek re-election amid a picture crisis.

In this context, the government will try to “help reduce the cost of living and reduce inequality and support the Bank of England in trying to return inflation to its target,” Charles read. Among the 38 drafts of the new legislation, measures in favor of the energy transition and changes to “take advantage of the opportunities” offered by Brexit, such as new competition rules and immigration control, also appear.

The content of the letter was overshadowed by the symbolism of changing the form in which it was read. However, the text followed the patterns dictated by British tradition, with the exception of changing the subject in some passages. As the Queen said “My government is gone”, Prince Charles said “His Majesty’s government is leaving”.

During a landmark radio address on her 21st birthday, during a trip to South Africa with her family on April 21, 1947, then-Princess Elizabeth vowed to dedicate her entire life to serving her people – which led the British to believe the King would. He hardly abdicates the throne.

Elizabeth’s health condition, Who completed 70 years of his rule in 2022raised even more concern since her night in the hospital eight months ago – her first admission since 2013. At the time, The Queen has been directed to cancel participation in public business for convenience.

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However, she was seen driving alone around her property in Windsor Castle, contrary to the doctor’s recommendation of a mandatory two-week bed rest.

Elizabeth returned to the public agenda more than three months later, on February 5, the eve of the Platinum Jubilee, when she met charitable workers and cut a celebratory cake.

At the end of the same month in February, the Covid-19 diagnosis returned to suspend the Queen’s commitments for about ten days. According to Buckingham Palace, she said They had only mild symptoms of the disease. In announcing the diagnosis, expectations were that Crown Head would maintain a light schedule, but Scheduled events postponed as symptoms persist.

Ten days before the Queen was declared infected, Prince Charles, 73, was infected He received a covid diagnosis for the second time. His wife, Camilla Parker-Bowles, 74 years old He also contracted the virusAccording to a statement issued by Clarence House, the official residence of the Prince, a few days later. Charles was with his mother two days before he learned of the infection again.

in June, To celebrate the 70th anniversary of Elizabeth II’s accession to the throneFour days of national celebrations planned. Buckingham Palace announced last week that the Queen intends to attend most events, but her attendance will not be confirmed until the same day.