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Perhaps the mysterious 'Driver Man' seen in Los Angeles was a balloon

Perhaps the mysterious ‘Driver Man’ seen in Los Angeles was a balloon

attributed to him, Los Angeles Police

Illustrative image,

A police helicopter has recorded what appears to be Halloween decorations flying over Los Angeles

Watching last year what appeared to be a man using a jet-propelled plane (Jetpack) and flying over Los Angeles, United States, generated so much mystery that it prompted the FBI, the US Federal Police, to investigate the case.

Now, investigators have claimed that the flying figure may not have been a man, but a group of balloons.

Pictures taken by police from a helicopter show what appear to be Halloween decorations taking off and taking off. More specifically, the flying object looks like a representation of the character Jack Skellington from the movie Jack’s strange world, Tim Burton.

Since last year, three commercial airline pilots have reported seeing what appears to be a “person wearing a jet bag” fly 915 meters over Los Angeles International Airport (LAX).