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Spain: Airport closed after passengers flee by plane - News

Spain: Airport closed after passengers flee by plane – News

Palma de Mallorca Airport, in Spain, the air activity was suspended on Friday night (5), after a group of passengers on a flight between Morocco and Turkey left the plane and ran across the runways, after an emergency landing due to the discomfort of a person.

A Royal Maroc plane landed at Son Saint Juan Airport because one of the passengers was unwell and needed urgent medical attention, sources at the airport and Guardia Civil, whose customers are looking for passengers who left the plane, told Effie.

With the passengers spread around the runway area, the airport administration, for security reasons, diverted the flights that were supposed to land in the capital of the Balearic Islands, and postponed the departure until the Civil Guard found the passengers.

Planes have been diverted to nearby airports such as Ibiza and Menorca, while the group of people who might be walking around are on the runways. Some of the passengers left the plane when an ambulance arrived on the plane to take the patient to hospital.

The Civil Guard reported that this was an emergency medical landing and that during the evacuation of the passenger in question several people left the plane, which is why flights were suspended.

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