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Paula Oliveira talks about dating Diogo Nogueira: 'I'm lucky'

Paula Oliveira talks about dating Diogo Nogueira: ‘I’m lucky’

After “breaking the internet” with her affair with Diogo Nogueira, Paula Oliveira spoke about her “good date” with the singer.

In an interview with O Globo, she said that the two met through Mumuzinho, she said she did not expect to enter into another relationship after her split from Douglas Maluf and that “public cheer” surprised her.

Good dates are for life. If I can say anything, it’s that I’m lucky to get to know Diogo up close. He has a formidable light, strong and powerful. It’s fortunate to be able to be next to someone you’ve heard who’s really cool, and when he gets close, it’s all that and more. I am lucky. She said

When asked if she was jealous, the actress said that she suffered from it before she became famous, and that she does not like that feeling.

I experienced jealousy (from my ex-boyfriends), even before I became an artist, and I think it’s terrible. When I’m with someone, I try to keep them safe so jealousy isn’t there, no matter who I am. It is a feeling that is not going anywhere. I don’t feel, this thing is called jealousy. So get away from me! And I want those who are with me the same thing I want for me: to shine even more. And let the woman enjoy Diogo and be happy. I would also have yelled “pretty” if I was there in the audience. joking

Paula also said that she froze her eggs about two years ago “because there is no way to fight science or human nature,” despite not putting pressure on herself to become a mother.

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It was a choice for me (to be a mother) and not to suffer from the obligation. And I’m still here, full. It’s still too early for me to think about children, imagine… Yes, Diogo is a good father, and he has a 15-year-old boy. Admiring the family, apart from all that light, really is a good thing. Considered

The relationship between Paula Oliveira and Diogo Nogueira began last weekend. actress He was seen enjoying the singer’s concert in Rio de Janeiro-I do not live in Rio.