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Juliet decided to review reality and was told by Anita

Juliet decided to review reality and was told by Anita

JULIET Freire used Instagram at dawn today to show the ‘reprimand’ that was taken from him Anita to watch BBB 21. The champion of the last season decided to watch all the episodes of the issue, Contrary to the psychiatrist’s recommendation. It also seems that the friend did not like the idea very much:

Screenshot of Anita’s message “Why the hell are you watching BBB?”

Print shows Anita scolding Juliet, who decided to attend BBB 21

Photo: clone / Instagram

In the post, which was soon deleted, there is still a message from Juliet’s wizard: “I’m here.”

The “Cactus Queen” said on the social network that she “needs” to find out what happened during confinement. Juliet commented in the stories: “Guys, I know my psychiatrist is going to kill me, and my friends are too, but I’m going to start watching ‘Big Brother’. The first one. I want it, I need it.”

The former BBB has been staying at Anitta’s house, in Rio de Janeiro, since reality show It ended in May. A fan asked him when Juliet was “expelled” The singer and her family replied, “When they want to leave. My mom loves them and so do I.”

Juliette Merian Rocha, Anita's mother, offered,

Juliette Merian Rocha, Anita’s mother, shows former BBB series ‘Marathon’ on Globoplay

Photo: clone / Instagram

Yesterday, Juliet posted a video of Miriam Macedo, Anita’s mother, “Marathon” episodes Documentary series launched by lawyer Globoplay “Suzeniya”.. The lawyer announced on Instagram that she will today record the recent testimonies of the documentary, which shows her path from her humble childhood in Paraíba to the R$1.5 million prize at the BBB.

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