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Patient loses organ donation due to road closure

Patient loses organ donation due to road closure

a roadblock A donor heart from Goiás was prevented from being sent to a patient in Sao Paulo on Monday night (the first). protesters pro-coup who compete for election result Occupy roads across Brazil since the victory Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva (PT).

One day after the election results, Bolsonaristas . ban Main access routes to Guarulhos Airport. The movement prevented the medical team from moving from Sao Paulo.

The information was published by TV Anhanguera, a subsidiary of Globo in Goiás, and confirmed by UOL. According to SES-GO (Goiás Health Secretariat), the heart was not arrested. “There was no admission from the state of São Paulo.”

After questioning by Saúde de Goiás, the SES and the Transplant Center in São Paulo confirmed that roadblocks prevented a medical team from going to get the organ.

The logistical impossibility caused by the roadblocks caused the loss of a member who was destined to be destined for a recipient country. Currently, the patient is still waiting for a new compatible donor to perform the operation.
A note from SES-SP was sent to Saúde de Goiás yesterday (11/3)

wanted by UOLThe Sao Paulo State Health Ministry confirmed this information. The responsible technical teams considered that due to a blockage, it would not be possible to perform the operation in such a way that the organ could reach the patient safely.

The heart should reach the patient within four hours.

Saúde de Goiás is still trying to find a compatible heart receiver in the Federal District, but hasn’t been able to. Kidneys and corneas intended for patients in Goiás were donated, and the liver was sent to the Federal District.

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In all, five people benefited from the donation..

Stories of the effects of the closures multiply in the countryranging from Cancer test missed by an elderly woman up to 42 hours Without access to the necessary food and resourcessuch as medicines for children and the elderly.

Bolsonaro calls for a halt to business. On Wednesday evening (2), the President of the Republic published a video clip on social media for We ask once again that the protesters clear the country’s roads. He pointed to the economic effects of road closures.

The highway closures in Brazil are harming people’s right to come and go. It is in our constitution. And we were always within those four lines. You have to respect the rights of other people on the move, as well as the damage to our economy.
Jair Bolsonaro, President of the Republic

“The harm that everyone is doing to these closed roads. My appeal to you: clear the roads, protest another way, and in other places, this is very welcome, it is part of our democracy,” he continued.

Bolsonaro also said he was “sad” like his voters and pleaded with his supporters not to think “badly” of him. “I am with you and I am sure you are with me.”