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Confirmed by science: "sea monsters" have been around for millions of years

Confirmed by science: “sea monsters” have been around for millions of years

About 66 million years ago, sea monsters actually existed and were 12 meters long. According to the researchers, these creatures called “Mosasaurus” were similar in appearance to today’s Komodo dragons, although they had shark-like fins and tails. Recently, a new species of this animal was discovered.

The deadliest animal in the sea

Fossil remains of the new Musasaur species were found in the Ouled Abdoun basin in the Moroccan province of Khouribga. baptized from Thalassatitan atrox, this creature preyed on marine animals, including other mosasaurs. With a length of nine meters and a huge head of 1.3 meters, It was the most dangerous animal in the sea.

In an article published on The Conversation, Nicholas R. When the sea level was higher than the current level and a large area of ​​Africa was flooded. At that time, ocean currents, driven by trade winds, pushed deep, nutrient-rich waters to the surface, creating a rich marine ecosystem.

Most mosasaurs had a long jaw and small teeth for catching fish. but the thalacetan It was completely different: he had a short, wide nose and a powerful jaw, like that of an orca. The back of the skull was wide enough to hold the large jaw muscles, resulting in a powerful bite. basically This creature has been adapted to attack and dismember large animals.

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