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Andar descalço pode trazer benefícios à saúde; saiba mais sobre o que a ciência diz sobre isso

Walking barefoot can have health benefits; Learn more about what science has to say about it

Who does not like to walk barefoot? Feeling the ground under your feet is undoubtedly one of the most intimate forms of contact with nature, however, in addition to spiritual and comfort issues, walking barefoot has health benefits.

In acupuncture, yoga and various ancient techniques, the feet represent an important point in our body, the part responsible for support and balance and closely related to the various organs of the body.

Far from traditional and holistic medicines, the feet contain many nerve endings and receptors that are directly related to the nervous system, creating an effective link between the sensitivity of the feet and our body.

Numerous studies have reinforced the health benefits of walking barefoot, revealing that the habit helps stimulate antioxidants, reduce inflammation, improve posture and relaxation, and even have an effect on nighttime sleep.

Free walking brings health benefits (Photo: Reproduction/FisioMoço)

In addition, walking barefoot can also help to strengthen immunity, as upon contact with microorganisms, the body develops the ability to tolerate them and strengthens the body’s natural defenses and antibodies.

Our bodies are interconnected, making the stimuli of a particular part of the body reflected in all other organs.

But despite the health benefits that the habit of walking barefoot brings to health, experts warn that you should be careful with places where you walk in this way, as it can become a gateway to many harmful microorganisms, such as viruses and bacteria that can generate a number of infections. diseases, so it is recommended that you only perform this practice in controlled environments, such as your home.

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With due care, walking barefoot can bring many benefits to your health and mental and spiritual balance, with its scientifically proven positive effects, this technique is worth a try.

Featured image: Walking barefoot (Photo: Reproduction/Customization of Cavalinno)