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Paolo Gustavo’s children riding bikes in Australia: “The dream”

Paolo Gustavo’s children riding bikes in Australia: “The dream”

Widowed comedian Paulo GustavoDermatologist Thales Brittas demonstrated the fulfillment of his dream. He revealed that he was riding a bike with his four-year-old children, Romeo and Gayle.

Despite their young age, the boys were shown riding bicycles without training wheels. The children rode bicycles with their father in the street and then in a park in Australia. When shown riding a bike with his children, Thales revealed that this was his dream. “A dream come true: riding a bike with them (still slowly, but now),” he said.

children Paulo Gustavo They were still fascinated by their care for each other. The boys rode their bikes behind Thales, each on his own bike. The boy, Gael, began to fall behind and soon his brother Romeo went to help him. Little Romeo said to his brother, “You can’t stay behind, can you, Romeo?! I’ll walk right beside you.”

Afterwards, Gael asked his father for help with one section of the tour: “Oh, Dad! Dad! I can’t walk this part!” And Thales replied: “Who’s left there?!” During the tour, Dad and the children were also amazed when they came across giant bats above Trees. “And giant bats!” Thales commented when he faced the scene.

Thales moved in a few months ago with his children Paulo Gustavo To Australia. They spend time in the country. Thales explained that he made this decision to spend time near his sister and nephew who live in the country. In addition, boys can practice their English. Thales also chose to spend this time in Australia so the boys could have a more normal life, as they are often recognized in Brazil for being Paulo’s sons.

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Paulo’s mother, Doña Día, remained in Brazil. Recently, I’ve thought about motherhood. “As a mother, I know that the unconditional love we feel for our children goes beyond anything. Our children are special and unique, and our role as mothers is to support them on their journey toward authenticity and happiness. No kind of love deserves to be discriminated against or rejected. Let’s continue to educate,” she said. “Breaking stereotypes, and fighting for a more inclusive world, where everyone can be themselves, without fear.”

Paolo Gustavo's children riding a bike
Paolo Gustavo’s children ride bikes around Australia

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