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The number of tourists killed in Greece rose to 3 amid the heat wave

The number of tourists killed in Greece rose to 3 amid the heat wave

American tourist found dead on Greek island Mithraki On Sunday, the 16th of this month, during a record heat wave. This is the third foreigner killed within a week, and at least three people are still missing Greece Amid very early temperatures of up to 40°C.

The 55-year-old was found on a deserted beach and was last seen At a bar last week, Greek public broadcaster ERT and the Athens News Agency reported. His body was transported to the neighboring island of Corfu, where an autopsy will be performed.

A Dutch man was also found dead on the island of Samos this weekend, after the broadcaster died British TV personality Michael Mosley on Symi Island on June 9. A four-day search was conducted using planes, drones and boats to find the broadcaster who went missing after taking a walk on the beach.

Greek authorities are still searching for the retired California police officer. Albert Calebet, who disappeared on the island of Amorgos last week, and two French women, aged 73 and 64, were last seen on the island of Sikinos.

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“There is a common pattern: everyone went for a walk in high temperatures,” said Petros Vassilakis, a police spokesman in the southern Aegean.

A hot wave

Although Greece is regularly exposed to extreme temperatures during the summer, meteorologists said that the heat wave that began last week, with temperatures higher than 40 degreesCelsius, This was the oldest ever recorded in the country’s history.

Last week, the Acropolis in Athens, the most visited tourist site in Greece, was closed during the hottest hours of the day to protect visitors from the heatwave. The Ministry of Climate Crises and Civil Protection warned of high fire risks in the Attica region around Athens.

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