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Learn how to activate your new lock

Learn how to activate your new lock

WhatsApp is still very popular globally, especially in Brazil. With all its popularity, the app developers continue to introduce new features to users of the messaging platform. The latest update announced by Meta is one that prevents taking profile photos, increasing users’ privacy.

The new change was tested in February this year, and the new feature is being released to Beta users in v24.12.10.74 for iOS.

Digital security

So, with digital security becoming a priority, this new WhatsApp feature aims to protect users’ data and identity in innovative ways.

Hackers and criminals often copy profile photos to create fake accounts, perform scams, and request money in invented emergencies.

These practices are very common in Brazil, which makes these security measures even more important.

What changes now?

When trying to take a screenshot of a profile photo, users now encounter a warning message: “To protect the privacy of everyone on WhatsApp, screenshots are blocked.”

This additional layer of security is an attempt to discourage criminal acts and maintain the integrity of accounts.

Although it is still possible to bypass this protection by using another device to screen capture, this measure is an important step towards discouraging such actions.

When will the job be available?

It is expected that this new security functionality will be available in the coming weeks to Android users, and thus to all app users in the coming months.

Moreover, Meta, the company that runs WhatsApp, is working on other additional features that include a new filter for favorite conversations and groups, a new look for the status page, among others.

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Understand the importance of the new role

  • Identity protection: It prevents criminals from using photos to create fake accounts and carry out scams.
  • Discouraging crimes: With warnings and bans, criminals may feel less inclined to commit fraud through the app.
  • Security innovation: It shows WhatsApp’s continued commitment to developing its system to protect the privacy of its users.