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Did Marcos Puez and Isis Valverde break up?  Businessman points out “lack of interest” and the web sees the actress as being indirect

Did Marcos Puez and Isis Valverde break up? Businessman points out “lack of interest” and the web sees the actress as being indirect

Is Isis Valverde and Marcos Boyes’ relationship over?

Photo: Reproduction, Instagram/Purepeople

Relationship Isis Valverde that it Marcus Boyes Maybe it’s coming to an end. In the early hours of Monday (17), the businessman, With whom the actress was engaged for 6 monthsmade a kind of rage on his social network and left netizens with fleas behind their ears.

He wrote on his Instagram account: “There is no shortage of time, there is a shortage of attention. Because when we really want it, dawn becomes day. Sunday becomes Monday and the moment becomes opportunity.”

The post was enough to make many of Boaz’s followers speculate The end of their relationship, something that has already been discussed previously. “Where is Isis?” one follower asked. “There’s no time,” another replied.

“Is this for Isis Valverde or Luanessa?” another Instagram user asked, quoting Boaz’s ex-wife. She is currently in love with Dado Dolabellaher teenage boyfriend.

Have Marcos Puez and Isis Valverde deleted photos from Instagram?

Some netizens also noticed that there are no photos of Isis Valverde on Marcos Puez’s social network. But at least some are still there. The last of them appeared together on April 8 of this year, in the United States, where they lived for 6 months before the artist won. An engagement ring worth R$500,000.

Then, the latest recording of them in a romantic mood dates back to February, when they traveled with their three children from previous marriages: João Francisco and José Marcos, from Boiz and Ounisa, and Rael, from Isis and Ounisa. Andre Reese…

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