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Piers Morgan and Jerry Springer feature prominently in the UK’s most complained-about films ever

Piers Morgan and Jerry Springer feature prominently in the UK’s most complained-about films ever

Piers Morgan and the late Jerry Springer have taken their places on British regulator Ofcom’s first comprehensive list of the most complained about TV shows of all time.

Morgan Good morning, Great Britain The rant, which questioned Meghan Markle’s claims that her time with the royal family made her feel suicidal, is at the top of the pile with 54,595 complaints, as the regulator publishes the all-time list to mark its 500th monthly newsletter. The incident led to Morgan’s departure Good morning, Great Britain.

Ofcom cited complaints about Jerry Springer, opera In 2005, Which totaled almost 9,000 and comes ninth on the list, as “the first time we have seen a significant number of complaints about standards made to Ofcom” and “Ofcom’s first large-scale internet campaign on any broadcasting issue”.

The BBC program sparked the ire of viewers who were offended by its content, including the depiction of religious figures.

Neither Morgan nor Springer breached the Ofcom code. In fact, there were only two breaches in the top ten, one of which was an episode of Celebrity Big Brother 2007, which attracted 45,000 complaints about racism directed at Indian star Shilpa Shetty, which dominated the front pages of tabloids for weeks, and the other was a virulently misogynistic rant last year by Lawrence Fox on GB News. Dan Wootton tonight. The latter incident led to Fox’s dismissal from GB News, and Wootton left several weeks later.

Other shows appearing in the top 10 include: Love Island, Britain’s Got Talent that it King Charles III: The Coronation, The latter sparked complaints afterwards Bridgerton Star Adjoa Andoh said the royal family looked “terribly white” as they headed to the balcony of Buckingham Palace.

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Ofcom also revealed that it has collected fines of more than £15 million ($19 million) from broadcasters who have breached its rules since the publication was launched in 2004.

It stated that it evaluated 770,000 complaints and 156,000 cases. Of the 3,286 standards investigations it launched, about two-thirds (2,166) were found to be violations.

Perhaps one of Ofcom’s biggest decisions is yet to come. The body recently began action to punish GB News which profusely flouts the rules after a Popular Forum A show in which Prime Minister Rishi Sunak answered questions from a live audience. GB News has had the opportunity to make representations against the penalty, which could result in an instruction not to duplicate content, an instruction to send a correction or statement of Ofcom’s findings, financial penalties or, in extreme cases, cancellation of the licence. .