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I felt a strange sensation and discovered a lump at 24 years old

I felt a strange sensation and discovered a lump at 24 years old

Although it represents only 1% of tumors that affect men, the incidence of testicular cancer has increased in recent years.

Unlike other types of tumors, such as prostate cancer, testicular cancer is more common in younger men, ages 15 to 34.

It is easily identified through self-examination, which is done by touching the testicles, which are external organs. When diagnosed at an early stage, within the testicle itself and without a malignant tumor, cure rates range between 90% and 95%. Hence the importance of self-examination.

From adolescence, young men are recommended to examine the testicles, comparing one side with the other and noting possible discrepancies, especially the presence of indurated nodules, size discrepancy, abdominal discomfort, and discomfort in the groin or scrotum area.

From this stage of life onwards, it is advisable to educate young people about the importance of testicular sensitivity, as sufficient knowledge makes it easier to detect any changes, whether in relation to size, position or unusual discomfort.

It is equally important to be aware of changes in testicular symmetry, as testicular hardening, nodules or masses may appear on the surface, which are warning signs in the early stages of testicular cancer.

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