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Ora-pro-nóbis is a vegetable full of vitamins.  Check out your benefits

Ora-pro-nóbis is a vegetable full of vitamins. Check out your benefits

pray for us It is an excellent nutritious food that Brazilians have consumed for centuries. It is classified as a non-traditional food plant. It has many nutritional properties, it is rich in proteins, vitamins and fiber.

The plant is considered the original in our country, and still little is consumed by a large part of the population who are unaware of its nutritional value and use in cooking. In Ora-pro-nóbis, everything is used, from flowers, leaves, fruits and buds.

Helps in proper bowel function

Ora-pro-nóbis is rich in fibre. And for every 100 grams there are about 4.88 grams of fiber, which helps to regulate the organism, causing regular physiological needs.

Thus, it reduces the risk of developing constipation, among other health problems. It is worth noting that this fiber also leads to a feeling of satiety and prevents uncontrolled eating.

Helps strengthen the immune system

Having a good concentration of vitamins A and C, this plant helps to strengthen the immune system. In this way, it avoids many diseases that take advantage of our weak immunity. Frequent consumption also helps with skin health, prevents premature aging and even eye health.

Vitamin C increases iron absorption and contributes to the development of antibodies. These antibodies help us avoid colds and flu and also have an antioxidant effect that protects cells.

It has detoxifying properties

Among the healing properties contained in Ora-pro-nóbis, the ability to help cleanse our body stands out. Thus, it has the function of detoxing, removing toxins from the body.

The plant is still a powerful and excellent anti-inflammatory. It aids in the healing processes, which helps in tissue regeneration and skin wound healing.

Helps with heart health

Caring for the heart is important and Ora-pro-nóbis is rich in magnesium and calcium, which are essential for a healthy heart. The plant has a much greater concentration of these properties than other traditional foods.

Therefore, the constant use of Ora-pro-nobis in your food is a way by which you can protect your heart from problems that may arise over time.

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