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No Dia da Mulher, que tal conhecer as donas da ciência, mulheres centistas de Maringá?

On Women’s Day, how about meeting the flag-bearers, the mean women of Maringa?

This Tuesday, the eighth, when International Women’s Day is celebrated, it pays to invest time (not to be confused with “spend”) well navigating the C² Connection Science portal, the science publishing platform associated with Maringa State University (EMU). Fifteen women who work at UEM have been selected to speak about their careers and performance during the pandemic. The material remains in evidence throughout March.

“This is a way we find a way to talk about the scientist and the woman who, like billions of others around the world, needs to beat the table a lot to overcome gender bias and discrimination,” explained the supporter Dean of Guidance and Culture at UEM, General Coordinator of C², Débora de Mello Gonçales Sant’ Ana.

In the first four weeks of the month, a group of women will tell their story. The C² team decided not to reveal the names in advance to create expectations among readers. The texts make up the string flag – feminine noun It was written by journalists who are part of the list of scholarships at PEC.

Professor, researcher and scientist at UEM, Erica Seki Kiyoshima Kotika is one of the scholars speaking about her career Image: UEM

In addition, a group of Pro-Rectory interns, students of the Communication and Multimedia course, produced podcasts. The audio series that brings the voice of female scientists and employees to UEM . is named women of science.

Meet these women doing science in Maringa, listen to podcasts, and have fun C² here

“The idea is that these first podcasts are the embryo of a huge, almost endless chain of women practicing science not only at UEM but in all the public universities in Paraná. Because that is the goal of C², to be a scientific publishing platform that gives insight into the research and technologies developed in our state , through the performance of our universities and the resources applied by the state and the federal government,” explains the Executive Coordinator. From the project, journalist and scientific publication advisor to the Presidential Election Commission, Ana Paula Machado Filho.

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What is C²?

Communication science is, in fact, the realization of the dream of promoting scientific publishing at the university. It has become a reality through a partnership between PEC and the Supervisory Authority for Science, Technology and Higher Education (Seti). The platform returned to the air in January, with a new design, seven months after reporting, in 2021.

Scientific publishing is a set of actions aimed at disseminating the knowledge produced by science, using the most different strategies, in a manner accessible to the general public. C²’s proposal is to produce multimedia informational materials and to organize discussions and debates on the most diverse topics that mobilize the community.

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