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“I literally tried to listen to the science,” says Paes about making masks easier to use in live broadcasts, Rio de Janeiro

“I literally tried to listen to the science,” says Paes about making masks easier to use in live broadcasts, Rio de Janeiro

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Posted 03/08/2022 19:56

RIO – Rio Mayor Eduardo Paes and Municipal Health Secretary Daniel Soranz held a live demonstration, Tuesday, to answer questions from cariocas about the flexibility of using masks in closed environments. The scale divided opinions from cariocas and even health experts throughout Monday.

In a conversation with followers, Pace and Sorans explained that the decree was published with the support of the Covid-19 Committee. “In this epidemic situation, there are a lot of opinions. But here, from the beginning, we seek to listen to the science. From the beginning, we seek to follow what the Scientific Committee orders. It is basically a Technical Committee (…). In a case like this, I delegated This assignment is up to Sorans and the committee. I literally tried to listen to the science,” the director emphasized.

According to Sorans, the city’s positive epidemiological scenario directly affected the release of protective element use and that this is part of a natural process, as well as when restrictions occurred at the height of the epidemic.

“We need to be consistent when we make decisions in the committee. In times when we have seen an increase in the number of cases, an increase in the rate of transmission of Covid-19, we have not hesitated. Wear masks, ban clusters., we have closed bars and restaurants. It has been a very difficult time. For society, at a time when we had a very favorable epidemiological scenario, like the one we have today, we also have to free people from restrictive measures,” he explained.

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During the live broadcast, Pace read questions from the cariocas and conveyed doubts to the Minister of Health. One of the questions asked by Instagram users addressed how close the version of the use of masks came to the carnival period.

“There was a lot of partying. Sanitation is supposed to be controlled. We do inspections by sampling. We can’t look at everything. We expect minimal responsibility from people. A lot of people tell me, ‘Didn’t you have that? are you waiting?

Sorans then justified that the numbers recorded after the holiday did not increase. According to the doctor, during the past week, there was no increase in the positivity rate of tests, keeping the indicator below 2 positive for every 100 tests.

“The carnival did not generate an increase in the number of cases despite the clusters. We were afraid that it would happen. Everyone was. We saw that it did not happen. The number of cases did not increase but on the contrary continued to decrease. Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, we have already verified that the number of cases continued to The decline and that the positivity rate of tests continued to decline, so we have a downward trend in a very favorable epidemiological scenario,” he said.

Paes is still live, and has also talked about the parties that took place, even without permission, during the Carnival holiday. “This is something that a lot of people have asked me about. We know closed parties were allowed in the carnival, where there was health monitoring, some blocks happened, and it’s not easy to keep chasing blocks, following blocks,” I comment.

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The conversation with Kariocas ended with Secretary Daniel Sorans thanking the members of the Scientific Committee. The group of doctors and researchers has helped the city of Rio make the decision since the beginning of the Pais administration.