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Unimed Criciúma celebrates its 31st anniversary and brings news to the South

The Medical Cooperative Society was founded on March 7, 1991, and today it prioritizes innovation

With a mission to promote health and contribute to social and economic development through cooperation in health services, Unimed Criciúma celebrates its 31st anniversary on Monday, March 7. Having an innovative attitude as one of its main values, the foundation celebrates this date with several projects underway in the southern region of the state.

The main hospital is Unimed Vale do Araranguá, which is being built in Cidade das Avenidas and will serve the entire southern tip of Santa Catarina. Construction began in 2020 and work is expected to be completed in March next year. The president of the cooperative, Leandro Avani Nunes, explains that the company stands out in terms of technology and innovation.

“It will be a complete hospital with operating rooms, inpatient beds, an outpatient clinic, a maternity unit and an imaging department, among other services, and the big difference is that it will be one of the most technological hospitals in Brazil. Our innovation department is already working on the implementation of many innovative tools , such as self-service, digital pre-scheduling, digital patient access and safety, and much more, says Nunes.

More quickly, Hospital São João Batista (HSJB), in Cresima, is being renovated and will have a new look later this year. Under the management of Unimed Criciúma since 2019 and definitively acquired in 2021, the institution is undergoing changes in the Emergency Department and Public Reception. The administrative sectors have already been revamped, and endoscopy and medical offices will be the next to undergo changes.

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Integrated Center for Special Treatments

Among the latest innovations being implemented, the Vice President of the Cooperative, Clarissa Ines Almeida, also highlighted the Integrated Core Special Therapies (National Center for Examination and Evaluation). It is a space specifically designed to serve children and adolescents with a neurotypical pattern, that is, patients with suspected or diagnosed neurodevelopmental delays, such as: Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), intellectual, cognitive and motor disabilities.

“Neurological disorders, such as ASD, are mostly chronic conditions of varying degrees of complexity. With this in mind, Unimed Criciúma, through the implementation of the National Center for Examination and Assessment, aims to provide its beneficiaries with specialized and individualized assistance, ensuring high-quality treatments. With Environment completely designed to meet all patients’ needs, the clinic will house many professionals specializing in pediatric and youth therapies,” Clarissa points out.

The National Examination and Assessment Center will comprise a multidisciplinary team of neurologists, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists and psychologists, who will work together to provide maximum development and a better quality of life for patients. Construction of the space began in 2021, at the Criciúma Center, and works are due to be completed in May of this year.

Totem telemedicine in companies

The telemedicine service, provided by Unimed Criciúma during the pandemic, is a practical and safe way for beneficiaries to conduct consultations, since it allows direct and remote medical care, through a video call. The initiative has enjoyed positive adhesion and is still valid, and will also be implemented in the partner companies of the cooperative.

“Throughout 2022, we will install telemedicine totems in the companies served by Unimed Criciúma, which should benefit employees and employers. With just a few clicks, it will be possible to conduct a remote and real-time medical consultation. This is one of the novelties of 2022 It is part of the suite of services offered by Unimed Criciúma with the aim of providing innovation, comfort and agility to the beneficiaries”, complements the President.

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cooperation: Vanessa Amando | Press office Unimed Criciúma