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Nobank warns clients on how to protect themselves

Nobank warns clients on how to protect themselves

Fake messages report alleged bans on customer accounts, scammers request transfers via Pix as false verification

July 13th
– 7:38 pm

(updated 7/14/2023 at 9:14 am)

a nubank It issued a warning to its customers about the blocked account scam, which is a variant of fake call center fraud that aims to steal money from customers. Through text messages, criminals warn of alleged problems and indicate the need for telephone contact to resolve them; The ultimate goal is to get conversions through Pix.

Upon returning to the number indicated in the SMS, which does not belong to Nubank, the customer speaks directly to the fraudster, who even reports personal data such as full name, date of birth and CPF number to indicate the legitimacy of the contact. Upon gaining the potential victim’s trust, he asks to perform various activities on the bank’s app until he reaches the final stage, sending money via Pix as the last check to unlock the account.

Photo: Pexels/Alex Green/Canaltech

The promise is that the amount will be reversed, but it goes without saying that this will never happen. Meanwhile, the customer may still be a victim of other scams if they provide more information during the false validation process. Scammers may also request account access credentials and personal data, as well as passwords and credit card numbers, leading to financial fraud and identity theft.

Messages are sent in bulk while using Communications beginning with 0800 help give the appearance of legitimacy to the attacks. This tactic is well known and has been applied in Brazil at least since 2021; Last year, data from electronic intelligence firm Agari indicated that A 625% growth in fake customer service scamswhich may also include Phishing emails Or direct calls to Brazilian bank customers.

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How to avoid banned account scam?

First of all, it is important to clarify that banning the account referred to in the false text messages does not exist – the proof of this is the fact that victims can access the application, view information and create Pix. Therefore, the ideal situation is for you to be suspicious of any call or alert of this kind.

If you believe that the notice tells the truth, it is recommended to call the bank’s official call center, instead of the number indicated in the SMS. Likewise, the ideal is to be wary of calls that point to supposed problems with accounts or ask for passwords or personal or financial data; Such sensitive information will never be requested by phone service, as will payments or transfers via Pix.

It is best to ignore calls, texts, or online contacts WhatsApp and other applications. Keep your cell phone and installed software always up to date, while passwords and access codes should never be passed on to anyone. Finally, avoid clicking on links received by strangers or completing registrations outside of known pages.

source: nubank

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