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New Villa Belmiro: how much does it cost?  When does Santos play?  From the banks?  Ask questions about the stadium  Saints

New Villa Belmiro: how much does it cost? When does Santos play? From the banks? Ask questions about the stadium Saints

Hey ge He listened to people connected to the club and the construction company and spoke with architect Luiz Volpato – responsible for the design and implementation of the project – to answer questions from Santos fans about the club’s new headquarters. Recently, there have been minor changes to the project to adapt to the construction budget.

– The project is the same, the capacity is the same, the finishing and facade materials are the same. What has changed dramatically and is the most important cost item is coverage. If we didn’t change it, there would be no way to reach the budget, so there was a reduction in coverage.

Santos awaits the start of construction of the new Villa Belmiro – Image: Disclosure

See questions and answers about Nova Villa:

Hey Santos Did you sell Vila Belmiro to WTorre?

no, Santos Villa Belmiro has not sold to anyone. In the new stadium project, Peixe will remain the owner of the land, but will transfer the right to use the stadium to WTorre for 30 years.

At the end of this period, the square will pass into Peixe’s hands. The contract is similar to the one Palmeiras entered into with the construction company in Allianz Parque, in São Paulo.

How much does it cost to build an arena?

The total cost of the work is uncertain. In WTorre’s presentation to councillors Santos In December 2022, the construction company reported that the budget would be around R$300 million.

However, for economic reasons, differences in building material prices as well as the interest rate, the value will definitely be higher. Currently, it is estimated that the new Villa Belmiro could cost around R$400 million.

Santos signs a contract to build the new Villa Belmiro

Where will the money to build the new arena come from?

In the agreement with Santos, the construction company explained that work would not begin until it collected at least R$200 million from the sale of products.

When will the works start?

There is still no specific date for doing this, as it is necessary to raise R$200 million. Those in charge of the project expect that the current Villa Belmiro will be demolished at the beginning of 2024.

New Vila Belmiro will seat 30,108 people – Image: Disclosure

What will the working period be?

The construction schedule for the new Villa Belmiro anticipates a period of 24 to 30 months of work.

When will the new Belmiro Villa open?

There is no specific date yet. The opening of the stadium is unknown, as it depends on several factors. Internally, the current council Santos She hopes the new Vila Belmiro will be in use throughout 2026.

Interior of the new Villa Belmiro – Photo: Disclosure

Will the new Villa Belmiro be able to host shows?

Yes, the new Villa Belmiro will be a multi-purpose arena. The venue is designed to host different types of events, not just football matches.

What is the capacity of the new Villa Belmiro?

The new Vila Belmiro will have the capacity to receive 30,108 fans.

Santos needs to beat Vasco to leave Z-4 ​​in the next round

Has the project seen changes over time?

Yes, several. The most important of them is the limitation of coverage and parking spaces.

-There are two main changes: reducing the covered area and removing the parking slab. We had 600 vacancies with the possibility of adding another 300, and now we will have 300 vacancies with the possibility of creating another 300 – explains architect Luiz Volpato.

Have the recent changes in the project changed the distribution of seats?

Yes, there has been a redesign in the cabin area. The changes were minimal and were made for commercial reasons.

– A rearrangement took place in the cabins, due to operational “inputs”, but the number of seats in this sector remained the same as in the other sectors. The capacity has not changed.

– A study of the operation of the stadium showed us that 80 boxes was a large number. We’ve reduced the cabins, but increased the lounges, which have cabin quality, but more space.

Picture of the wheels surrounding the new Villa Belmiro – Image: Disclosure

How tall will the new Villa Belmiro be?

34 meters above the ground.

– Today the highest part of Villa Belmiro is 27 meters high, and the new Villa Belmiro will be 44 meters high. With reduced coverage, the maximum height will be 34 meters above ground level. This is an undeniable benefit, you can reduce the shadow area.

Will the field be covered?

partially. All seats will be covered, but the grass will not be covered.

– the stadium Santos It will be closed on all sides, and the roof will cover 100% of the stands. If there is heavy rain, the chairs that will be downwind may get wet. This is a problem for all arenas. In the previous project, with full coverage of the stadium, this would not have happened.

Will the grass be at ground level like the current Villa Belmiro?

– To build a multi-purpose plaza, you need about 50,000 square meters of area, and the village does not even have half of this area. We have raised the stadium ten meters off the ground so that we can receive the full flow of the match with press, police, delegations, fans and collaborators. Since we are in a sandy area, we do not recommend doing anything underground.

Will the grass be artificial or natural?

Most likely synthetic. The hammer has not yet been struck, but according to architect Luiz Volpato, the stadium is designed to receive artificial pitch.

– Since it is a multi-purpose arena, the turf will be artificial, which is practically mandatory. Synthetic is very light and much less compact than natural grass which needs at least one meter of soil. Because it was artificial, the project succeeded.

See what Santos fans will get from the new Villa Belmiro – Image: Disclosure

Is it true that the new Villa Belmiro will have a bike path?

No this is not true. At the beginning of conversations with SantosThere was the possibility of creating a bicycle path inside the stadium. But the idea was discarded due to the high cost.

In the first project, there was an entire floor dedicated to various activities. It had a gym, chairs and its own bike path. This floor was removed some time ago for cost reasons.

Is it true that President Leila Pereira, from Palmeiras, called President Andres Rueda to advise him not to sign Waturi?

Yes it is true. The president of Palmeiras advised Santos Not signing with WTorre.

The Alviverde club is in dispute with the construction company, asking the court for a debt of R$127 million because it realizes that the company has not transferred the amounts related to the use of Allianz Park.